Favorite Looper?

I have no loopers but I use my F.A.S.T. 201 just because it’s so responsive! :smiley:

Are you asking opinions or are you looking to get some?

Mine are Relics and I love them, usually.

Just a poll. I mean I may get one considering I don’t have one, but I thought I’d ask for YOUR opinion because I don’t really have one yet! :wink:

Sunset Trajectory and Loop 720 are the best two I have tried. They have two totally different response systems though, both very good loopers for begginer loopers to the most advanced ones.

Loop 720s are what I use right now.

I was using Speed Beetles for a while though…

Loop 900’s kick so much arse.

What did they change from the loop 720 to the loop 900?

idk, it was a proto. I didn’t look at the guts, and I just played, but OMG… SO GOOD.

Modded Raiders for me.

They just really work well for me.
The balance and spin is perfect.

You can’t go wrong with Relics, Sunsets, Raiders or Loop 720’s. They are all fantastic loopers. They all have placed well at competitions. Meaning the top players use them all.

For beginners, Proyos, sunsets, loop 720 and speed beetles.

As you get better sunsets, loop 720 and speed beetles will keep up with your needs ;D

Yup Lol