Final Round: Loop 720 VS. Sunset Trajectory

Hey, i heard numerous things about both, both good and bad, so i was wondering what you guys like better for my first set of loopers…Thanks

BTW please reply :slight_smile:

They’re both great. I think more people like the Loop 720s like .001% more, but then it’s leveled out by the fact that they have to have their response replaced occassionally.

This probably belongs in a different section. But anyway…

Each have their own opinion some swear by the Loop 720, others by Sunset Trajectories, or Raiders. I personally did not much care for the Sunset Trajectories, or the Relics. Didn’t care for the O-ring response for looping. I personally use Speed Beetles myself, considering modding them with the String Response from the Loop 720. Given the choice between those 2 you listed though, I would go with the Loop 720s or wait for the Loop 900.

Might also be useful to point out that some find it easier to learn looping with Wood Axles, like the Duncan Proyo. John Higby still uses these as his main loopers if I remember correctly. May also be easier to learn on a Transaxle like the Duncan Profire or Yomega Fireball. Possibly even the Duncan Bumblebee. If you are just learning it may also be important to have 2 different colored halves so you can make sure that it’s flipping correctly.

of course people reply right after i buy sunsets :frowning:

lol… gives us some more time to reply next time. :wink: However some people really like the Sunsets. Just cause what people have posted here doesn’t mean you won’t. :slight_smile:

Last time I chacked, John Higby used painted Sunset Trajectory NXGs for 2A.

Beginners: Loop 720.
Advanced: Sunet Trajectory NXG.

Last time I saw him perform was several years ago, then he was using Proyos. And his site says he uses Proyos during his shows. So I was only going off that, sorry if I was incorrect. :slight_smile:

ah nevermind if u look on this site andrea even uses sunsets so be happy with ur choices :wink:

That’s because he’s sponsored by Yoyojam and he gets the Sunsets for free! I don’t know, but maybe he actually really likes them besides the fact that he gets them free.