Loop 720 or Sunset Trajectory?

Which is better??? I really need to know cause were livin in a world of… got the Bee Jees stuck in my head. Tell me which one is better for 2a, if your favorite is not up there please tell which is the best… I feel like Bob Barker. Bad joke

The Loop 720 only weighs one gram lighter than the Sunset but it feels quite a bit lighter. The response on them feels different too. You really just have to try both to see which one you like better. I still haven’t decided myself.

I don’t really think that one is “better” than the other. I have tried both and personally like the sunset trajectory more. The loop 720 feels very rough because of the string response. It’s kinda hard to explain you’d have to try it for yourself. The sunset trajectory is nice cause it has an adjustable gap. Normally I don’t like that but it seemed to help me alot. In the end it’s your decision. These are just my thoughts. There’s probably lots who will think different, though.

I’m not sure, but the Loop 900 is coming out at the BAC and I’m going to try it, it seems to be good. It’s probably going to be a really good one. I don’t really play 2A, but I at least know how to do loop the loop and hop the fence.

this has been taken up soooooooooooo much
who cares! get the one you like better( Btw I have tried both before, it’s not much of a difference)