Sunset or 720?

which one is better for learning basic 2a looping? Thanks

As far as I remember. The 720 is a really light yoyo. And I didn’t really care for it. I actually prefer sunsets more because the are heavier and feel better during play.

Hope this somewhat helps, lol.

50 grams vs. 51 grams, not to big of a difference. what do you guys think about the response?

Not until you play them. The weight difference is noticable.

Personally, I like Sunsets better. They’re really bouncy. However, 900s beat both of them.

I prefer sunsets over 720s

nobody uses the 720s anymore if you look at freestyle performences they are using ,sunsets, and loop 900s. Sunsets are awesome yoyos. the 900 is unavailable anywhere unless you get them on BST.

agreed about the 900 bst thing. i have all 3 of these, i think the sunsets are best for learning. 720’s are more of a novelty looper i think. something for a daily carry IMO. and the 900’s, nothing can touch that awesomeness.