loop 720/900 questions

yo, wussup, guys? im taking up 2A to keep my 1A company. Ive been playing a while on my sunset tragectories, and their great, but im looking for another throw to go with them. i want a loop 720, but the string response has me dubious… how does this work and how does one replace it? How is the loop 900 diffrent than its younger brother, the 720? and finnaly, could anyone compare sunsets and loop 720s?

Compared to Sunsets, 720s will be a step down. The string response makes it a great beginner yoyo for learning basic string and looping tricks, but I wouldn’t get them for just 2A. The 900 is purebred for 2A, though. It’s based on the modded Raiders that looping yoyos aspire to be, but it improves on the durability and ease of adjustment—otherwise it’s the same.

In terms of comparison with Sunsets, in my experience Sunsets sleep longer and 900s/Raiders feel smoother and easier on loops. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how you set them up.

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Hmmm, what ive heard is that 720s actually loop pretty nice. IDK, but there is at least 1000 post on 720 vs sunsets. Just search 720 and sunsets and take a look. As for changing the string, it comes with a little plastic “needle” and what you do is basically weave the string through it. I dont know too much about it though but I am pretty sure it comes with instructions.