Loop 720 or 900?

Only been throwing a month or so and working on looping. What are the major differences between the Loop 720 and the 900?


720’s are better. they dont use adjustable response…they use yoyo string. literally. like…where you wouod put a friction pad in…its STRING!!!:slight_smile:

The Loop 720’s uses a “threaded response system”, which basically uses a worn out yoyo string as a response. The Loop 900’s use a starburst.

The Loop 900’s are adjustable gap via turning a key. I think the Loop 720s also can utilize adjustable gap, but not as much and via twisting.

You can now get the Loop900’s NEW, where-as you can get the Loop720’s via BST cheap.

Avoid early run Loop900’s and those with reported problems by sellers. Apparently the first run had some quality issues that got fixed up in later runs.

I have a pair of loop 720’s, Raider EX’s and YYJ Unleashed. The Unleashed so far are my favorites.

no doubt…unleashed are the best.

Thanks guys!

The thing that sucks about looping is that, much like any other discipline, everyone has different preferences. I actually found fixed axle, non take apart design, woodies to loop best for me.

Some people prefer woodies with wooden inserts that are able to be taken apart.

Then you have your Raiders, Fireballs, Unleashed, Loop’s, etc;

While 2a specific throws might be cheaper than your average 1a yoyo, you might end spending just as much figuring out what you like. Proyo’s are a good start. Though buy a few more than you think you might need as they can be quite inconsistent quality wise.