Thoughts on loop 900

Is the loop 900 really that much different from the 720 except for the key adjustment?
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I think the 720 uses string for the response while the 900 uses starbursts

Yea that’s what I read. Thanks! Hey can you check out my blog link is below!

If it wasn’t for the key adjustments, I would hate the loop 900. I learned how to loop with raiders. I couldn’t get the loop 900 (on factory settings) to loop correct and straight until I tinkered and widened the gap some with the key. Now I love it! Perfectly responsive. Even with my beloved Raiders, I would still sometimes randomly get that unresponsive throw that would mess me all up; this doesn’t happen with the loop 900s. I bought a red one and a blue one- one for each hand :slight_smile:

Side note: I’m certainly not a master 2a player, but I do okay :slight_smile: I am in the process of combining left and right at the same time.


He’s excited. No need for negativity. Be helpful.


The string response is ok, but the adjusting it is a pain. You have to rethread the entire thing if its too slippy.

Easy to adjust make it a great looper.

Yup thanks for all the help now if I could just get it in white then I would be gOod to go.