need help with my 720s


how do you change the string response in the loop 720s, i’m pretty lost Sad
anyone have a tut?


Sorry,I cant help you on this one,I didnt find any vids either,but it shouldn’t be replaced too often,how long have you had it?


So aside from not knowing how to change the response, how do you like the 720?

I’m going to get a new looper some time. I’ve used a Trajectory and Speed Beetle before and like both fine. I was planning on getting the Trajectory but then started looking at 720s.

Which is better?

Any opinions on that? Or is it just one of those things that comes down to personal preference?


They come with instructions.


I love it. I play mine stock, not too responsive but not unresponsive to loop. Good weight.

Only bad thing, It is very loud. Yes, Kim-Lan is right, the instructions say how to.


I never knew you could do that. Thanks Kim-Lan. Other than that, I was about to say you aren’t supposed to, but now I guess you can. :slight_smile:


lol I don’t really understand your post. Can you explain ???


they loop fine but there loud, and no the instructions don’t say anything besides use the axle to pop out the cap and just says re thread doesn’t go into any detail at all. Whats not to get i just need help re threading the response system. I’ve only had them a few months apparently that’s not long enough to replace the response but i was getting bad slippage to affect play(the string was very frayed) so i thought that was the problem becuase i changed my string(obviously, like every 30 min) and did use thick lube on the bearing but not much help. I bought NXGs off someone so i’ll just stick to those when they get here, they sound and look cooler imo anyways, both are great loopers. Although i’m just not sure the 720s are worth the extra hassle.


I’m not sure, but pop off the caps, and then “rethread” just wind the string in and out of the system.


how are they loud? wouldnt it just be the bearing? and couldnt you just toss some thick lube in it?

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I have tried one and they are just loud. Rethreading the string might help though.


they are loud stock, but lubing it quiets it down, i found out how heres a vid


That vid dosen’t work man. Later.

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It does, you’re probably lagging.


The embedding was disabled. Just double click it to watch it on YouTube.