Just a quick few questions

I’m thinking about getting a loop 720 but I’m not sure because of the string response, do you need to change it regularly and I want to know if that response is good. I searched but I still coudn’t really decide. :-\

It’s from what I hear and what little I’ve messed with it’s one of the best Looping response. (Considering modding my Speed Beetles to use the string response) Some people though do not like the feel of the response on the string. You have to change it less often then most.

Raider Response - Never Change
Sunset Trajectory - May Need to Change before you Upgrade
Loop 720 - Long Lasting but still requires Replacement
Speed Beetle - (Looping Stickers) Requires Frequent Replacement

Would have listed others like Profire, Proyo, Firedog, etc. But I kept it to the “professionals.”