Speed Beetles for beginner looping

what response do they use? looping stickers or the plain friction stickers? and erm do they wear out fast? (estimate please!) do polyester strings work fine?


They use regualr friction stickers, and they tend to wear our very fast. poly strings are fine

what do you think is the best response i should use for them then?

2 side looping stickers
1 side looping sticker 1 side friction sticker
or 2 sides friction sticker?

i know it pretty much boils down to personal preference but where i come from, response parts aren’t really super cheap… so yup i’d prefer to experiment with what you guys prefer first (:

I would think looping stickers would be best because the speed beetle is a looping yoyo…

Go with the Sunset Trajectory

iAvery220, that is entirely unhelpful. He already has a Speedbeetle (or at least has decided to get one) and he wants to know what other people use for the response in them. The last time I checked, the Sunset Trajectory was not a response system that works on the Speedbeetle.

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Who gives a crud the Sunset is obviously the better yo yo.

I have a feeling that you totally missed the point if this topic.

And sorry OP, I have no idea as to the ‘which response sticker you should use’ dilemma.

I give a crud. If he asked for your opinion about looping yoyo’s then it wouldn’t bother me. But he didn’t. Stick to what the OP wants.

Use Duncan silicone stickers on one or both sides. They should last you a while.

Shows what you know.

EDIT: No sense in name calling.

The friction stickers that come on the Speed Beetle are very nice. Unfortunately, they tend to wear out rather quickly, and are not always easy to find in stores.

One way around this dilemma is to create your own response system. I’ve created a such a system for Speed Beetles that uses strings (or threads) as the response system, in a blatant rip-off of the YoYoFactory Loop 720 string response. If you are interested I can send you a link to the mod, or maybe even post it on this forum (which I don’t think I ever did). Anyways, here’s a teaser picture of the system…


You’re the Idiot

You can also make your friction stickers last longer by only using one at a time (i.e. have no sticker on one side). Take the second sticker off and stick it to a piece of plastic (like the case the Speed Beetle comes in) or a piece of wax paper. Then, when the one in your Beetle wears down from too much looping, pull the used one out and put the other one in. The Beetle should still be responsive enough that way.

Good luck!

Speedbeetles come with Duncan Friction Stickers. However newer ones or Pulses may actually come with the Looping Stickers, so I can’t be sure which you actually have in them right now. Duncan Friction Stickers can wear out rather fast. If you Loop regularly, and depending on how much time you dedicate to it, you can wear through a pair in 1 day (I have). However compared to other response pads Duncan Friction Stickers are fairly inexpensive.

I find that using 2 Friction Stickers is pretty much needed. Anytime I’ve tried 1 Sticker my Loops become inconsistent, and hard to control. With Looping you want better response, for control and consistency. The Duncan Looping Stickers are supposed to be more aggressive response, so specifically for Looping I would imagine they’re much better then the regular stickers. I haven’t had a chance to personally use them yet, but I believe 2 Looping Friction Stickers are the way to go.

OR the Mod posted by dirty birdy. The string response in the Loop 720 is considered one of the best, if not the best Looping response system designed in years. It also lasts much longer then Friction Stickers, and is FAR more inexpensive. It all depends if your up to the Modding.

So my recommendation: 2 Looping Stickers or dirty birdy’s Mod (And if he hasn’t posted the full Mod yet, he should).

Im not sure it matters about the strings.

FYI, I have posted the Speedle 720 mod in the YYE Mod forum: HERE


I recently bought a pulse and the stickers were worn in no time. Im pretty sure that they are not looping stickers, but I may have gotten a pulse that had been sitting on the shelf for a while.

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He knows I was kidding. I guess I should have made it more clear to the rest of you guys. My bad.

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