Duncan Speed Beetle Review

Hey guys! Here’s my take on the Duncan Speed Beetle.

Diameter 2.24 inches
Width 1.48 inches
Response Friction Stickers
Weight 47.5 grams

This yoyo is claimed to be an excellent looping yoyo by Duncan. The description given was:
[i]The new Speed Beetle is the next evolution of the looping yo-yo.

Using a high-speed ball-bearing for incredible tricks and Friction Stickers for perfect response, the Speed Beetle comes with two different sets of spacers for maximum versatility.

An affordable and high quality looping yo-yo.[/i]

Play styles:
1A- A decent yoyo that can do some beginner and intermediate tricks.
2A- A great choice for 2A because of it’s cheap price and it’s a good yoyo for looping.
3A- I highly don’t recommend this for 3A, mainly because it’s designed for looping. Thus, It doesn’t spin very long, and the gap is too narrow to be useful.
4A- N/A
5A- Again, highly not recommended due to reasons stated for 3A

This yoyo is relatively cheap compared to most yoyos out. It is also sold in many stores, which make it readily available to anyone who wants to start competitive yoyoing. The cheap price is also an added boon. There are also two sets of spacers provided with the yoyo that provides good versatility. The friction stickers provide enough of a response and is ideal for starting basic tricks and looping.

Since this is a looping yoyo, it’s not designed with long spin times in mind. I’d say the average is around 10-20 seconds. The narrow gap also makes it difficult to land the string into the gap. The response also causes the yoyo to jerk back into your hand with the slightest tug sometimes when doing string tricks. Though this can be improved by simple mods, it’s still better to choose a string trick yoyo for 1A, 3A, and 5A.

I’ve also found out that the yoyo becomes difficult to use after a few days of play, possibly due to the wearing down of the bearings or spacers. Sometimes, the yoyo will also sleep while looping. Though, this can be fixed by changing the spacers, it can get annoying and time consuming.

If I were to rate this yoyo, I’d give it a 3 out of 5.
The reason being that this yoyo is great for the price and for beginners and it is a good looping yoyo. This isn’t the best looping yoyo out there, though, and for a few extra dollars, a better looping yoyo can be bought.

I’d recommend this yoyo to the first-time yoyoer and for people starting out with 2A.

Thanks for reading and please comment. This is my first review, and I am open to any suggestions. :wink:

Nice review! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:
I still have a bit to add to the review to make it complete.
I’m adding to it a bit everyday. I should be done with it in about 1-2 days.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. :wink:

I do have one,but I didn’t put that in my original post since you were going to modify it.anyway, try it for some looping and not string tricks,since it was made for that.

OK, this review’s done. :o
Please comment, I’d like to hear what everyone’s opinion is. ;D

Wow, that was just a great review! :slight_smile:
I have read very professional reviews like Dr. Yoyo’s.
But this one was perfect!
Whenever you get a new yoyo, write a review, PLEASE! :slight_smile:

Awsome review,even more so for a first!!!

I’ve just got my new Dark Magic in the mail. I’m planning on writing a review about it after a week or so of playing with it. :wink:

Wow, nice review. Best one I’ve seen on a Duncan. :wink: