Duncan Mosquito Review



Manufacturer Duncan
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 46.60
Width (mm) 34.33
Diameter (mm) 52.98
Gap Width (mm) 4.23
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 5x10x4
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Duncan Friction Sticker


It looks ok. It came with a small mould mark that looked as if someone took a sharp object and stab the yoyo. The only thing that I don´t like about the cap design is the mosquito. The combination of translucent and non translucent plastic looks very good.

Play and Feel:

It has a comftable shape to hold, feels very good on the hands. When I first threw it, it was too responsive so I took out one of the stickers, still responsive but less. The yoyo was too light, I could do any tricks eccetp begginers and some intermediates. I added a weight to the yoyo by opening it and entering an arrangement of glue gun sticks and wire and nuts (it can be seen on the pictures) The mod took the yoyo from 50 g to 65g. After the mod and b it played reallyroke in the pad well, I could advanced tricks like skin the gerbil, kwijibo, eli hops, gyro flops, follow, bucket hops via jade. Something I didn´t like is that the plastic dings easily, if it fall gets ding just just like metals. With the mod feels solid when spinning. This yoyo isnt as good as a Lyn but its fun to play with.

Ratings: 6/10

Binds: (after modded and braken in) 9/10, realy tight binds and very easy to bind.

Stability: Before mod 3/10, After mod 7.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10


This yoyo is for modding porpuses if your not a begginer, for begginers its perfect. If you want this yoyo and don´t want to mod it because of weight just get a Duncan Flying Squirrel, its the same as the Mosquito eccept it has weights inside.

It’s a good beginner yo-yo, but it’s small and extreamly reponsive. The Flying Squirrel is better.

I picked up 2 of these last week at Walmart for $5 a piece to get my son & me started on something with a butterfly shape & a ball bearing. Even though I’m a noob I could tell that they needed more weight, but I wanted to keep it to the rim. I found them simple to disassemble. I formed 4 circles of 12 gauge solid copper wire for each yoyo, and inserted 2 on each side, keeping them outside the screws that hold the body to the cap. Voila! that took the weight to around 60 grams, and increased spin time and stability appreciably. They’re held in place by the insulation around the wire, and don’t ratlle or move at all. Now that the friction pads are starting to wear, the responsiveness is better, and I’m starting on some of the intermediate string tricks and binding.

So for five bucks, and a bit of time & scrap wire, you can have a nice little yoyo to get started with, or to give a young kid to bring to school or on a trip without worrying about cost. Of course, I’m already planning my next purchase, since it seems I’m hooked. Hmmm… Velocity for easing into it, Lyn Fury to just get in there & learn, or right to a Dark Magic…???

I jumped right from having a mosquito to a dark magic.

Although it was a VERY big change, you’ll get used to it.

Good for beginners my friend started with one

Didn’t like this.

Needs more weight.

Broke it trying to stick Elmers glue in for weight lol.
Too impatient to wait for the glue to dry, glue flew to the outside locking the caps on.
Way out of balance and rumbled when it spun lol.

Save the $5 and use it to buy a second-hand Kickside, Lyn Fury, speeder or something.

Going to need to spend another $10 to replace those Friction stickers that wear out in 3 hours anyway.

I think those Friction stickers actually discourages yoyo-ing.
When someone buys a yo-yo toy they just want it to work. it’s supposed to go down… and come back up.

Not almost go up but slip back down because the Friction stickers are worn a week later so it’s labeled as broken because it won’t come back up.

Nobody actually reads the packaging/instructions.

To boot, no (large) retail stores even sell replacement stickers.
You have to go online to buy the overpriced, too friendly to abrasion, grip tape.

I think the unreponsiveness after a half hour with those PeterFish Luminators that were sold @ Walgreen’s was why there were reportedly lots returned back to the stores without coming back “broken.”

that is what i did ;D

It holds 5$ back from getting a better yoyo. Only get it if you will sell it for more.

It’s a good beginner yoyo. I was too intimidated to get any yoyo that cost more than $5. (When I had just started)

My first Yo-Yo was a Duncan ProYo, and then I got a Mosquito. I thought the Mosquito must be the best Yo-Yo in the world, until I got a Duncan Freehand Metal Zero, Then the Mosquito felt lame LoLz
Of course then I thought The FH Metal Zero was the best Yo-Yo in the world, then I got a YYJ Speeder. I thought THAT was the best Yo-Yo in the world. I got a couple more YoYoJams and thought the were all the best. Then on my Birthday I got a Caribou lodge Bassalope. And yes, I currently think it’s the best Yo-Yo in the world, and the Mosquito at this point feels like trash.

When i first saw this i was all like, “WhaaTttt???..” but after reading, its good to address this as a very cheap, easily accessable beginner yoyo.
I started out with one myself, and for that guy that was saying he is looking for the next thing to go to:
Not velocity (sorry YYF)
Personally Id go with a YYJ plastic. I got a Big Ben.
So anyways, good post/review.