duncan raptor!

Diameter: 54.0 mm / 2.13 inches
Width: 39.60 mm / 1.56 inches
Gap Width: 4.4 mm / .17 inches
Weight without caps:
Weight with caps: 66 grams
71 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Duncan Silicone Sticker
Slim Pad Size 19mm OD

Now that that’s out of the way, I need to get something off my chest. Like you all, when I was a kid, the only BIG name in yoyos (I remember) were duncans. And I HATED duncans. I thought they were cheap, useless, and when I got into modern day yo-yoing, I simply thought of them as a relic. Well, here I am, FULLY EMBRASSSING the fact I was wrong. Dead wrong! Blow away by the quality of this yoyo!

Here is the Duncan Raptor. And ladies and gentlemen, this ain’t your granddad’s yoyo. The high, organic shape and flawless finish makes for REALLY nice throws and grinds alike. I love the lime green color, and the smaller shape Is really nice for a full size throw, that’s a bit on the smaller side. Seems to glide on strings when you need it to, but grabs a bind by white of it’s knuckles and says “Lets go again!”

Pros: For 40 dollars I think this is a great metal throw, and then they’re dropped the price to 25, I admit, if I tried this yoyo out and then didn’t get one, I would have been a little sad. The plastic caps were nice, as they do add some weight and increase spin time just a little, but they make the yoyo look a little cheap, so use those as you would like. Also, the responsive pads on these things are AMAZING! They almost magically know when you want them to work REALLY well, or to lay off and let you finish the combo. I was really surprised about that.

Cons: The only REAL con I had about this throw was the edges. I have dropped throws on my toes, I’ve hit snags and got busted in the eye with them, I’ve even hit a few people (Not hard by any means) in the stomach. These edges on this throw are POINTY! I would REALLY hate to get hit with one of these things at high speeds!

All in all, super pleased and super surprised by Duncan’s drive to still be on top. I always thought the raptor was a “eh” metal throw, but I was utterly shocked and impress with the Raptor. Good weight, good spin, good finish, good size and a lot of fun! I formally apologize to my alienating of Duncan, and look forward to hunting for they’re next gem!
Over all I give it a 8/10. And that’s all for this review so throw on throwers!

I feel ashamed of this but I have never owned a metal Duncan lol
For $40 the raptor might have to be my first

I’ve tried their free hand zero metal, but it’s no where in the same league. Sebby (user on here) Still might have one for cheap (in package) on his bst.

Echo, Torque or Strix DOOOO IT

I’ve heard good things about the toeque, but I would need to try it first

i just want the freebird more than anything really.
Ive always said i wouldnt spend over 100 on a plastic.
but once the FB is re-released im just going have to.

I bought a Torque the second day it was available at Downtown Disney (aka Disney Springs). Before I made my purchase it was demonstrated for me and then I threw it. Needless to say I was blown away and bought it right on the spot.

Still I don’t know. XD I want some metal for 100 bucks. XD

I am like, really interested in the toqure now. Thank you sir. XD