Duncan Raptor

Hello, I’m doing a review on the Duncan Raptor:

The Duncan Raptor in my opinion can be an all out Expert Yoyo. I think that it is worth about as much as the OD Cafe Racer, Burnside or C3 Yeah3. It plays in that price range, no joke.

The DR (Duncan Raptor) plays like a champ and any damage done to the yoyo does not effect the play. I have a concrete ding, (very deep) and it does not effect balance or vibe.

Diameter: 54.0 mm / 2.13 inches
Width: 39.60 mm / 1.56 inches
Gap Width: 4.4 mm / .17 inches
Weight without caps: 66 grams
Weight with caps: 71 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Duncan Silicone Sticker Slim Pad Size 19mm OD

mhmm… thats not much of a review :wink: saying “its good, even after smashing it in the ground” and copying specs doesnt really give any information :wink: maybe you should go into detail a bit more before posting a “review”

BeneTan, your review of SheepFarm’s review sounded harsh, don’t think you wanted it to sound that way, but it didn’t sound encouraging. Lets hope he posts more reviews in the future.

You made me go check out the yoyo Sheep, looking for something for my 11 year old nephew that will play well and possibly be inexpensive. I think it might make a nice christmas present.

If I have any more questions ill definitely be back to ask.


I was planning on writing a review, so I’ll put it in here:

It’s floaty, which I enjoy. It is a very comfortable organic shape, and is also high walled and on the lighter side. I love organic yoyos. They are just so, so good. It is fast, but the high walls prevent fast play. High walls are not a bad thing on this yoyo, unlike some. You forget it’s high walled, as long as you have a straight throw. It will kill you on a bad throw, or bad technique. It has average stability and sleep times are on the short side. It is good at grinds, and very good at finger spins. I find them easier on a Raptor than a Strix. The bearing is a Duncan, so it turns responsive in a day. It has a tiny axle. It has just enough vibe that you can tell its spinning, not so much it’s irritating. It’s my daily carry around. It’s very fun and relaxed. However, this yoyo is not good for beginners. The high walls, shorter sleep times and average stability will mess up bad technique.