Duncan Raptor

Hey there guys!
This is just a little video review I did for the absolutely amazing Duncan Raptor!
If you have any questions about it, go ahead and ask away!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

I love mine too! I perfrom with it as well 'cause I can trust it in the unresponsive area and when you bind it, there is no way you miss it. (I don’t like yoyos that are soo unresponsive that they don’t bind when asked for…)

So, yeah, awesome semi-cheap yoyo

It literally outplays everything in my case. It is definately my favorite throw.

You have convinced me to buy i Duncan Raptor i was going back and forth between this and the protostar but now i know to buy the Raptor. :slight_smile:

Good choice sir :wink:

Really nice way to do a review…

How smooth is it compared to high end yoyos?

It’s very smooth. The stock bearing that’s in it has to be broken in qite a bit though, so just put in an already clean bearing to try it out.

Thanks for this review! I was looking at the Raptor for some time now and to know it’s a great yoyo is cool.

your sesame street shirt and hat is legit. and the raptor is pretty good too :slight_smile:

lolz, thanks!

Now that I have a Raptor, I’ve been able to enjoy the awesomeness the Raptor has to offer. Last weekend I bought the Triple Crown of YoYo edition. The bearing was heavily lubed to the point that I only was able to get 15 second sleepers on a good throw. Extremely responsive. When I got home, I put in my clean bearing (borrowed it from another yoyo) and is now basically a dead gyroscope on the end of the string, fully unresponsive. Great for arm grinds, finger grinds (no IRG area though), and a nice wide catch zone. Right now, my Raptor and RecRev No. 9 are in competition with each other as sometimes I have a hard time deciding what I want to throw.

Yeah, that’s one thing I forgot to mention…the stock bearing that comes init is super responsive, so you can either break it in, clean it, or switch with a new bearing.

yea my raptor rules. Duncan to me is arguably the best yoyo brand ever!

Is it better than a dv888 and the yyj legacy