Duncan Raptor Thoughts?


I was just thinking about getting a Duncan Raptor and I was wondering what everybody thinks of it
Ps I heard the bearings bad if so what bearing would bearing would go good in it?


I like the raptor a lot more than I feel I should like a 40 dollar yoyo. It’s excellent, can be pushed very hard, and will handle all of your tricks.

However, the one thing that I don’t like about it are the slightly sharp edges on the rims. They can be slightly uncomfortable at times, but it’s something you adjust to pretty quickly.

As for the bearing, it’s probably not the best, so you might want to pick up a different one. The yoyo expert speed bearings are pretty nifty.


I love my Raptor, and the stock bearing works just fine for me. You might want to buy some extra response pads if you don’t have any, because they seem to wear out fast. Definitely seems like it’s worth way more than the price. Great yoyo overall!

(Waylon) #4

Love it. I put a terrapin x in mine. Too bad I jacked up the axle. Completely my fault.


Did the axle strip the threads in the yoyo? If so I’d contact Duncan. They are pretty good about that stuff in my experience.

(Waylon) #6

No. I packed it in a travel bag in dropped the bag on the ground pretty hard. It about half stripped it. It still throws but vibes like crazy.


I got one at Nationals 2012. Very pleased with it. I also wanted the custom caps for Nationals.

The bearing as-is is not great. I’m not sure where the original bearing went to, but I’m fairly sure I’ve since cleaned it. Whatever I have in thereat the moment is cleaned and Terrapin X Dry Play treated and this is one fantastic $40 throw!