Duncan raptor yoyo bearing problem

Just bought a raptor, worked great at first then it went silent and got super responsive. Tried cleaning the bearing and saw the balls weren’t spread out, or some was missing. Ordered a trifecta bearing today- anybody have a similar problem?

Nope. If anything I found a clean Duncan stock bearing to be better then YYF Stock Bearings and Yoyojam Stock Bearings.

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My Raptor bearing had too much lube in it when I got it. I cleaned it and put it back. No more problems and dead unresponsive.

It sounds like you got a bad bearing. It happens. Sorry. That Trifecta is one heck of an amazing upgrade, isn’t it? The Raptor plays pretty good with a flat too.

I am waiting to receive the new bearing. Should be sunday, now im stuck with my yomega til then. What a tease it was using a 1a yoyo. I am back to trying to do string tricks on a raider like a tool.

Learning string tricks on a raider makes your throw more accurate.