Help me with the raptor plz.......

I just order a duncan raptor and i just heard that it is responsive right out of the box
so some people say it needs to have a cleane bearing but I have never clean a bearing before
so… any one knows how to turn it in to unresponsive yoyo in an easy way… ??? ???

I’m not sure, but if it uses spacers swap in some thicker spacers?

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can i use yyf bearing with the raptor

It doesn’t use spacers.

Any C size bearing will fit the Raptor. Most YYF bearings are C size.

Bearings sometimes come responsive because they’re filled with lube. Playing with the yoyo should break down the lube and make the bearing unresponsive. Many people prefer to simply clean the bearing to remove excess lube. There’re lots of guides online explaining how to clean a bearing with acetone, mineral spirits or lighter fluid, for example:

It’s important to learn how to clean bearings not only because some come highly lubed but also as dirt and other muck can get into bearings requiring the occasional clean.

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You can switch bearings but that will only prolong the problem. Every bearing needs to be cleaned eventually regardless of lube or not. Learning how to maintain your yoyo is very important. Even ceramic bearings need to be cleaned (compressed air might be easier for you). My two cents learn to maintain a yoyo it will help in the long run.

Surprised how no one has mentioned Duncan Raptor places unresponsive out of the box. Mine did at least. Admittedly with any bearing until it is fully broken in there will be on and off periods of responsiveness, keep playing and it will pass though.

Yes,if you are just starting out it is very helpful to Learn everything you can about throwing.Maintenence, bearings and the different types of bearings and how to clean them, strings and what types of strings are available today. All of these things will change the play of the yo yo and will help you learn and progress faster. I will say that when I got my raptor it was a lot less responsive then you might think but all may not be that way. So good luck, and learn everything you can it will help a lot.

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My raptor played dead unresponsive out of the box. This was a year ago though; I don’t knw if they have changed since then.

My advice would be to wait until it comes and see for yourself how it plays.