My raptor is responsive

got a duncan raptor and its responsive ???
are they suppost to be like that? :-\

It wasn’t when I got mine. Clean the bearing or get a better one, that should fix it.

Mine came responsive also, and I have heard that most of them do. Just clean the bearing and you have an awesome throw.

All Raptors come responsive. Duncan has a weird tradition of lubing almost every bearing.

You can either clean the bearing or replace it with another bearing or buy a new bearing(HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED).

Aside from cleaning it, you can buy a new bearing for it if you want too, I don’t see what’s HIGHLY NOT recommended about doing it. I swapped bearings in that thing using kk’s, cbcs, flats. to find the right feel. depends on your preference in this regard and nothing more.

Well if you know how to clean a bearing and you can, or if you do have a bearing from a yoyo you don’t use that fits, why would you need a new bearing. If you clean the bearing, the steel bearing would be fine. And if you swap bearings from another yoyo, like a SPEC bearing, YYJ bearing, CT bearing, almost any type of C size bearing would work. No actual need to buy a new one, but you can if you want to try out a new bearing.

I’m just sayin, if you got the skill or spare bearing, there is no definite need, but you can.

thank for the tips and stuff 8)

Just play with it for like half an hour or so and it will be dead