Duncan Raptor: All of a sudden responsive

I’ve had my Raptor for a couple of months now. But, since the bearing that came with it was responsive, I put in a YYJ unresponsive bearing from another yoyo. and it’s been unresponsive for the last couple of months.
Today, it was suddenly responsive. I checked the o-rings and everything was intact. When I put it back together, I noticed this… when I jerked the yoyo up, the string would suddenly wrap around the bearing until it caught the o-rings and came back up, like it does in a responsive yoyo. So it looks like the bearing has suddenly become responsive again. Is that normal, or what does that mean?

There is probobly just some dirt in the bearing, try cleaning it.

Try cleaning the bearing, and make sure the string is not knotted around the bearing. Try changing the string, maybe it is knotted near the end and this makes the string catches the knot and go up, like some kind of an auto-bind. Hope I helped.

Clean the bearing. Best bet. No need for further explanation for me.

I have to say, I notice you tend to just copy what others members say.

Anyway, like the others, I’d recommend cleaning the bearing, but it could be a different problem. Assuming the Raptor uses spacers like most other Duncan yoyos, the spacers may be sitting in the yoyo incorrectly. Make sure it’s not tilled or uneven at all. I’d say take them out, rub’em off, and put them back in.

                                                  Hope I helped.

There was a little grass thing in the bearing. Knocked it out and everything’s fine now.

Thanks for the help.

This is true, the best bet is cleaning the bearing. And the Raptor does not have spacers.

I didn’t say it wasn’t true. I said you tend to copy other members.

Copy? Means…

I did not get the fact that cleaning the bearing is the best bet because I copied someones answer. I actually know it is, I’ve tried and tested with my yoyo problems that it could be the best bet.

I know you said assuming. Just for future reference, the Raptor doesn’t use spacers. It’s like most other metals out there; Same bearing too :wink:

And yes. Normally if the yoyo turns responsive suddenly, the best bet is the bearing. That mostly controls the response. Then, I’d say you check the response, then the bearing seat itself. Problems with those can make a yoyo responsive. Cleaning the bearing is usually the problem.

I’m also glad to see hakysak that your problem is solved :wink: