Any suggested Mods for Duncan Raptor?

Does anyone have any suggestions to modify the Duncan Raptor? I just got mine a few days ago and it is very good. Very different feel than Dark Magic II and Protostar that I have. But the Raptor is VERY quiet and smooth. I almost can’t tell sometimes that it is spinning. The only problem I have is it seems to be too responsive. It looks like it has the same, larger/wider bearing as I have in the DM II, but it is way quieter. Like the DMII, it often binds up on its own, especially when trying to grind on my throw hand. Also, you can get it to bind by tugging hard and letting the string roll into the gap, but the bind is very loose when I do this. I would like it to be a true, totally non-responsive except to a purposeful bind, like my Protostar. I think it may partially be a breaking in deal and have heard that cleaning it in lighter fluid or something will make it less so. Any other suggestions?


Just clean the bearing and it will be unresponsive. That’s all that would be needed.


when you clean the bearing it might get louder
get some 10ball or AGIR
If you don’t mind the sound just put the bearing in nail polish or something and lube it when it’s competely dry

after cleaning lube it too make it quiet. and if you think thin lube makes the bearing loud, it doesn’t just play it for a while and it’ll be dead unresponsive. THIN LUBE is sometimes MUST NEEDED for unresponsive play and not damaging the bearing

This is completely false. Sometime must be needed? That doesn’t even make sense.
And cleaning a bearing generally does in fact make it a bit loud.

Although the packaging states it is a unresponsive model, it absolutely is not which is ironic. The best thing you can do is to clean the bearing. Also alternative is to use a Konkave bearing. I’ve used KK’s in them and makes them so epic.


I believe what you should do to the raptor is nothing.

That will helps its play a ton. No need to mess with an awesome yoyo.

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Noooooo DON’T. This is all wrong.

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To help clear up any confusion, the best and most common cleaning solution is Mineral spirits. Simply put an amount in a small tubberware containter that is just enough to cover the bearing. Deshield the bearing, drop it in the spirits, screw the cap onto the container, shake for about 30sec, let it sit for a few seconds, take the bearing out, and dry w/ a paper towel or napkin.

I think the bearing is semi-responsive and it says that in here but I dont know