Duncan Raptor: responsive after 1 day

so i got my duncan raptor yesterday and it was unresponsive for awhile. then it started to become responsive and it is making me really frustrated. The raptor is for sure my favorite yoyo and i want it to play unresponsive. What should i do??

have you tried cleaning the bearing? i had a bearing that once started to become responsive i cleaned put tiny bit of yyj thin lube (one pin drop) still felt responsive so i bolted it to a drill let it spin till power ran out broke bearing in spins awsome now. or you can keep playing it.

how do you bolt it to the drill do you mean just put it on and spin it?

Again, the main things:
Clean the bearing

And see if it’s unresponsive.
With the dry/clean bearing, it should be un-responsive. 99.9% sure.
But if it’s still responsive, see if your response system is worn, torn or did some of the silicone get on the bearing seat.

Now, if it it’s unresponsive, you have 2 choices left:
Lube it with 1-2 sewing needle tip sized drops of thin lube.
Don’t lube it.

If you lube it, that;s great, your bearing will soon become more unresonsive with play, more silent etc…
If you don’t lube it, yes, it will spin very long with just a flick of a finger. But it won’t last long. The bearing will be worn and will freeze up, more faster than a lubed bearing.

There is definately NO need for drills or running the bearing dry.

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My Raptor bearing did the same thing. Just clean it, take a can of compressed air and dry out the bearing (this will also make the bearing spin quit fast so you will not need a drill), and use, at most, one pin drop of thin lube. it will be a tad responsive but once the lube is broken it, it will be dead unresponsive.

…and this :wink:

Kids, don’t try this at home.
That’s the quickest way to totally wreck a bearing.

Clean the bearing, then lube it.

Honestly those of you that don’t know what you are talking about shouldn’t talk. I’m not saying everyone either. Just make sure you think about what you say and the advice you give.

Now, cleaning the bearing is ok but not totally necessary. If you just play it, it will break in and be perfectly unresponsive.