my raptor bearing is semi-responsive
what bearing should i buy?

First try cleaning the bearing, then if that doesn’t work (or you don’t like the bearing) buy a new one.

it didn’t help when i cleaned the bearing i asked what bearing should i buy

Any c-sized bearing will do. If you want cheap, you can just buy a YYE bearing.

If you want a smoother bearing, for two extra dollars you can get the one drop ten ball bearing. This is what I use.

Buy a one drop ten ball.

but the raptor is duncan yoyo it will be ok?

Absolutely. The Duncan Raptor uses a C-sized bearing. This means any C-sized bearing(not Euro-C) will work just fine in this yoyo. If you don’t want to clean your bearing out and would rather purchase a new bearing, the One Drop 10-Ball is a C-sized bearing.

The good thing is most yoyos use fairly standard and easy to come by bearing sizes.

Clean the bearing. This time, for real.

what do yo mean by real?
i deshield the bearing put it into mineral spirits put thin lube into it the shield it back and its still semi-responsive

Ohh, I just realized…yep, that’s supposed to happen out of the box. Quoted from YYE:

Note: the Raptor is semi-responsive out of the package. For complete unresponsiveness YoYoExpert recommends purchasing a clean bearing to replace the stock bearing with. It will also break in and become less responsive with general play.

So, just replace the bearing, and play with it a lot. It should be good after that.

How much lube? If you put anymore than a pin-drop onto 1 or 2 balls in the bearing, you put way too much lube in there.

Clean it again and leave out the lube, or just play the bearing until the lube starts to break in.

You don’t need to buy a new bearing. Just properly clean the one you have. That’s what I did with my Raptor and it plays just fine now.

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Mine was unresponsive out of the box. Use new spirits, clean it again, and then just play with it. The response probably hasn’t broken in yet.

Well you obviously did it wrong.

That was unnecessary and a little rude but whatever.

Go ahead clean it again leave out the lube. Play with it hopefully it will be become completely unresponsive.

I’m glad I am reading this, I am getting one soon.

Good for you!

Seriously, I was excited to be able to get one at Nationals 2012 with the special Nationals 2012 caps. That may sound strange considering I was walking around with a case full of yoyos, pretty much all of which were over $100(and the case holds 72 yoyos). Other than having to clean out the bearing, I can’t say anything negative about it. Stuff like having to clean out or swap a bearing isn’t really a big deal to me.

This may be no frills and plain, but it’s still a great yoyo. Excellent as a first metal, another metal, just want it, daily carry, it’s just loads of fun.

So, onestar < raptor right?

How about upgraded classic or raptor?
Ik thinking this can be my “beat” yoyo. Even though I will still freak out when I get a ding :wink:

It’s all a matter of preference. I like ah upgraded Classic myself. The OneStar is great too. Depending on my mood, anything can trump anything else.

i got the yoyo unresponsive too but now it is semi responsive
and i used 1 drop of lube