You should have used less than half a drop.

Just play the yoyo more to break down the lube or clean out the bearing and then use the pindrop method.

The raptor is one of the most underrated throws I have ever bought.
You should not need to replace the bearing.
Stop lubing the bearing that is your whole problem.
I have bearing that have never been lubed they are over three years old and are fine. A far as Im concerned lube is like a gimmik that makes people buy more bearings.
What did it make you want to do, buy a new bearing ? Exactly my point.
Throw it, the lube, in the trash. you do not need it you will not miss it.
People worry too much about their bearings, its sad really. I understand when we are new throwers we all obsess over our bearings, but try to get past it as fast as you can, it just takes throwing time away from you fiddling and farting around with bearings that are just fine.
I have yoyos I have not cracked open in a long long time, unless the yoyo becomes unplayable I leave it alone.
Get some proper solvent, mineral spirits suck, period, I dont care how awesome you think it is. Mineral spirits have a natural oiliness that sticks to your bearings, makes it hard to get them fully clean and unresponsive.
Go too the pharmacy and get 99% isopropanol, a 500ml bottle will last you years of bearing cleaning, do not get 70% rubbing alcohol, it must be 99%. It is benign and safe to use, a tad smelly, not something you want to be overly exposed too, but the small amounts we use its fine, and perfectly safe.
Put a small amount of iso in a jar(size of a shot glass or a bit bigger, baby food jars, cleaned well work) and place bearing in there to clean, after swirling and shaking the bearing around for a moment or two, place clean bearing on a clean cloth, let dry and put back in yoyo.
Unresponsive yoyo.

I’ll keep your “throw away your lube” stuff in mind when my looper’s performance starts to become unusable for looping! Lube is necessary for loopers for sure. No question about it!

The debate between “to lube and not to lube” is ongoing.

Bottom line is that lube is only to prevent wear, NOT increase performance. Lube is a viscous fluid and it does slow down your bearing. That’s why if you choose to use lube, use only a small amount. Yes, even so you get a teeny performance hit. If you over-lube, then you take a big performance hit and you’ll need to clean out your bearing to start over again.

It’s your choice. To lube or not to lube. I use Dry Play, which I have found in most cases provides most spin time than a dry bearing.

As far as choice of cleaning solvents: I prefer acetone all the way. If I have to clean out grease or use the paper slip method, I use mineral spirits. Otherwise, I prefer acetone. My last cleanings are always with acetone.

For me, I do bearing maintenance on “as needed” basis. I cleaned two bearings this morning. I suspect I have another couple of yoyos that could benefit from this too, but they’ll have to wait. I’m heading off to a meet!