Which plays better?

From your experience which plays better: yyj revolution or duncan raptor?

For me. . .
RAPTOR. . Hands down.
And I think this is on the wrong section.

I do not have either, but I’m getting a raptor, and i have heard a lot of good things about it. ;D

The duncan raptor will blow your mind man! It’s such a great yoyo and pretty smooth for a 40 dollar yoyo. It will grind ten times better than the revolution, and it’s my main throw. I prefer the duncan raptor over my dv888, frantic, newbreed and revolution! The revolution isn’t a bad yoyo but i think that the raptor is much better :slight_smile:

Raptor is an amazing Throw.

RAPTOR. HANDS DOWN. I normally don’t type all caps like that but I have to this time.

RAPTOR ALL THE WAY! Much smoother, more grindable, smoother on grinds, mod-able, cheap, does all tricks, has 2 EXTRA response pads and 2 removable caps with many colors.


is the raptor thumb grindable? I’m a little confused since it doesn’t have any ridges. ???

Yes. Any yoyo with at least a tiny bit of hollow space on the sides ca be thumb grindable.

And when we say, “has no ridges so can’t thumb grind well”, we mean that thumb can slip out easily, which causes failure to thumb grinds. Ridges are something for the thumb to grip or hold on too or grind on.

It’t ok to grind on the no ridged yoyo. Perfectly fine, just that you might need to throw a slanted sleeper to hold well.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: