Newbie needs help

i just got into yo yoing and i bought a Duncan Mosquito and i think it sucks. i need advice on buying a different yo yo. i only have 15 dollar and want a good one for my money. i also want to buy different color strings. please help.

Well the mosquito is a good yoyo but I recommend the kick side or fast 201 and I would get yellow polyester string or whatever string color you like

The yoyo is actually pretty good, rather than go get another yoyo (Mi has a great review of the Kickside here in the Review section, so if that is more up your alley, do it) You could clean your bearing, go buy some play-doh at Wal-Mart and then open the halves of the mosquito, pack the halves with play-doh then screw the halves back together and take some of your mom’s clear nail polish and paint around the edge, let it dry and then put a second coat on it. Now since you only have $15, use that to buy a pack of Duncan Silicone Stickers from this site, replace the stock rubber stickers with only one silicone stick ($5.88 subtotal thus far) and then order some strings from here, the 100% polyester strings are nice so pick up 3 5 packs ($10.38 subtotal) then the $5 for shipping and you are at ~$15.38

That is what I did to all of my Mosquitos, now they are all heavy enough to give nice long spins and no play-doh comes out :smiley: Now of course like I said you could spend $15 on a Kickside and then pay $5 for shipping, but then you are already strongly over budget and you didn’t get strings OR replacement pads, just do whatever you feel is best.

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