A Bundle Of YoYos For Sale

I was rummaging through some old boxes and found a bunch of old-school yoyos I used to play with. I figured I am not using them anymore and wanted to see if anyone out there is interested in taking them off my hands. All prices include shipping. I will only ship in States.

These are the throws:
1 Duncan Wooden Butterfly- 75th Anniversary Addition (Black)-$10
1 Duncan Mosquito (Blue and no pads)-$5
1 YoYoFactory Protostar (Yellow and in mint condition)-$30
1 One Drop Project 2 (Red with small dings but plays beautifully)-$80

In addition:
About 40 Chaos Strings (blend of yellow shades and type 422)-$10
KK Bearing (size C)-$12

I would like to sell the whole bunch together (including the strings and kk bearing) for $122 (that’s a savings of $25). The only trades I’m interested in right now are a punchline, bassline, gnarlwhal, or juvenile offender. Paypal only please. If interested, please PM me.

Thanks for looking!

pics? :slight_smile:

I dont know if your interested but Could I have the Kickside?
I dont have any money on me right now but itd be nice to have a yoyo i cant afford one =l

u cant ask for free stuff if thats is what you are trying to do. its against the rules

There has been an update! Prices marked for each individual yoyo now!

Any chance you could ship to canada?
If so I will buy the kickside now.

why would somebody buy the mosquito? you can get one at walmart for $5 also

ill trade a one drop dingo in black with to little dings for the protostar check my dingo ft plz