A Bundle Of YoYos For Sale

(Nathan Martsolf) #1

I was rummaging through some old boxes and found a bunch of old-school yoyos I used to play with. I figured I am not using them anymore and wanted to see if anyone out there is interested in taking them off my hands. All prices include shipping. I will only ship in States.

These are the throws:
1 Duncan Wooden Butterfly- 75th Anniversary Addition (Black)-$10
1 Duncan Mosquito (Blue and no pads)-$5
1 YoYoFactory Protostar (Yellow and in mint condition)-$30
1 One Drop Project 2 (Red with small dings but plays beautifully)-$80

In addition:
About 40 Chaos Strings (blend of yellow shades and type 422)-$10
KK Bearing (size C)-$12

I would like to sell the whole bunch together (including the strings and kk bearing) for $122 (that’s a savings of $25). The only trades I’m interested in right now are a punchline, bassline, gnarlwhal, or juvenile offender. Paypal only please. If interested, please PM me.

Thanks for looking!


pics? :slight_smile:

(Edmeister) #3

I dont know if your interested but Could I have the Kickside?
I dont have any money on me right now but itd be nice to have a yoyo i cant afford one =l

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u cant ask for free stuff if thats is what you are trying to do. its against the rules

(Nathan Martsolf) #5

There has been an update! Prices marked for each individual yoyo now!

(Edmeister) #7

Any chance you could ship to canada?
If so I will buy the kickside now.


why would somebody buy the mosquito? you can get one at walmart for $5 also


ill trade a one drop dingo in black with to little dings for the protostar check my dingo ft plz

(system) #12