FS: Pro Z, Raider, Metal Drifter - Very cheap [LOOKING FOR YOYOS TOO]

I have some yoyos that need to sell. I have no use for them anymore and I could use the money. Please try to work something out. I can only sell in the United States due to shipping prices.

My Wants:
May trade for any yoyos on the want list below - Will add cash to help pay for it.

What I have:

Duncan Pro Z:
This yoyo is good for the beginner thrower. It has one dink that can be seen in the attached picture that is focused on it. Also, the extra axle has been lost so it can only be played with the spacers in (sorry, about that, trips make it hard to bring everything back). In addition, the pads are worn out. I would like to sell it for $5. Add $3 if you would like me to switch the pads and send an extra set.

Yomega Raider:
This is a good yoyo for looping and can also do string tricks if you want to. It is scratched up all the way around. I took a picture of the biggest scratch so you can see what to look for. It may also need some lube. I would like to sell this one for $8.

Duncan Metal Drifter:
Very good yoyo. I love this as a metal responsive but I now am more into unresponsive so I never really throw it that much. It has some big dings that may cause vibe, not 100% sure (again, I haven’t thrown it in a while). I also need to buy a new bearing and some response pads. I am adding the cost of that to the yoyo. I would like to sell this on for no less than $18, offer that or more.

See pictures for colors and scratches on the yoyos.

For 1: $3
For 2: $4
For 3: $6

Payments Methods: PayPal only.

PM me if you would like one (or more) of these.

Now, I have some yoyos that I am looking to get a reduced price on. Most of these are because they cost too much, no longer are in the color I want, or have been discontinued altogether. Please check out my list below:

Berserker RX (C3 Yoyo Design):
I would like a Mint with/in box Berserker RX for $120 or less. I know this may be asking a lot but that is what I want. I would like any of the colors that are currently on YYE. Whichever one costs the least amount, I will take into consideration of purchasing.

Hugo Z Hor (Duncan):
I would like at least near mint on this one. I would like to for whatever they used to cost subtracting $20 or more. Please, though, PM me the price for what they cost for when you buy them new, so I know what to ask for. The above price is just assuming it cost about $100. I don’t really care what color it is.

Catalyst (Yoyo Factory):
I would like near mint with box or better. I would like it for about $90 if near mint or $100 mint. Offer that or less. I would like the Purple/Black Acid w/ Silver Splash color.

Amplifier (SPYY):
I would like no worse than near mint again. I will be willing to pay about $90 at most. Lowest offer wins the purchase. I would like the Icy Blue color.

Chief (CLYW):
I would like mint in/with box. I know this is probably asking a lot but I would like it for about $115 or less. I would like the Ash Berry color but for this yoyo, I am not particularly picky.

As you may have noticed. I will always want near mint or mint. I always want the box and I will always consider the lowest offer. If I mention that I am considering buying your yoyo, then another person offers less, you must be willing to let me back out.

PM me for deals.



Will trade Raider and Pro Z for part of Macrocosm cost.


All Macrocosm offers are greatly appreciated.

Metal Drifter added. Please offer.

Also, I need to sell these. Buy for yourself or you could buy some for a friend.


If you would like pictures of the Metal Drifter. PM me and I can send some to you. Right now, I don’t have any room on this thread.



Please offer me some of your yoyos that I have on the want list. Also, I will be willing to trade my yoyos plus cash for some of them.