Okay, so I have three yoyos I am selling. Two of them just need to be fixed up, the other one is broken. I have great prices for those of you who like buying these things and fixing them up.
I hope we can work out a deal or something. Remember that I will possibly back out of a transaction (sorry, but I am bad at that).
NEW UPDATES - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NEW UPDATES
I have added some more of my yoyos just to see what you all will offer or be willing to pay for it. Just know that I may decide to keep these yoyos.

I am, currently, only excepting PayPal. I will not ship until the money has been received. I must receive the whole amount of money that we agreed on, too (not just part of it). I may make an exception if I find you a trustworthy person or you have very high positive feedback (I will notify you via PM). Remember to add shipping (see below).

First, there will be NO TRACKING. Second, I only ship within the US ONLY. Third, I did not include shipping prices when I name the price next to the items, that will be tacked on later. Fourth, when you make an offer, your price will not include shipping unless you tell me. If not, I will charge the extra amount. To see shipping prices, see the chart below.

1 Yoyo: $5
2 Yoyos: $7
3+ Yoyos: $8 (unless I decide to charge more)

Trade Wants:
Echo 2 (mint)
Speedaholic (mint)

Now, on to the yoyos:

YYF ProtoStar: $10 or Offer
This was one of my favorite yoyos until I broke it. It is kind of hard to explain what is going on. I don’t have any pictures of this one right now either. What happened is: one of the sides got cut open by the axle that is now jammed in one of the sides. If you can remove the axle and add weight to the one side, slap in a new axle, then she is ready to go again. I will snap a picture or two if you offer.
This is one of the new ProtoStars, btw. It is the black with red ring one.
I will send this one with the original box.

EDIT: CT bearing is no longer on ProtoStar. I can, however, send a Size C bearing in it for the same price or just buy a bearing yourself.

Duncan Pro Z: $7
This yoyo is in good shape. It just needs new response pads. It also has a scratch or two (see picture at bottom of post). If you can get new response pads and don’t mind the scratches, this is yours. I will send this with a YYF box.

Duncan Metal Drifter: $12
This yoyo was great while it lasted. It has a couple of large dinks in it that most likely affect play (have no idea, have not thrown in forever). It also needs new response pads and a new bearing. Hope you can fix this one up. It was great when I had it. (See picture at bottom of post for color).

Yomega Glide: $100 or Offer (NEW)
This yoyo had one small dent that can not be pictured. It is still dead smooth but I am not sure that I like it that much. I will be willing to possibly sell for $100+. It is the Gold w/ Blue Splash color. The problem is, I don’t know if I will be able to get myself to get rid of it.

YYF Shutter: $50 or Offer (NEW)
This yoyo is a beast. It has several dinks and scratches all around it in various places on the rims. It is still decently smooth and plays great. I just want a new color and one with no dinks. Again, don’t know if I will be able to manage getting rid of it. It is the Half Black / Half Red colorway.

C3 Token: $30 or Offer (NEW)
This was my first unresponsive metal so I am not sure if I can part with it. But, for $30+, I could live with it. I have a Pink/Gold Splash one. It has a very small dent (does not break ano) and a small pinprick.

That is all for right now but check back later for more.

Picture 1: Pro Z scratch (biggest one)
Picture 2: ProtoStar damage (other side is in perfect condition)
Picture 3: Metal Drifter dinks and scratches (not all, just worst)
Picture 4: Metal Drifter dent (only dent like this)


Pictures of Metal Drifter (with damage) and ProtoStar damage will be up soon. Just PM me for right now.


ProtoStar and Metal Drifter damage pictures have been attached now.
Please offer.


Haven’t bumped in a while so I might as well now. Check out all my new stuff. Pictures will be coming soon.