FT/S: YYJ, Tons of YYF, RecRev, SWYYC, Kendamas + More: Prices lowered

Hey everyone!

I’m looking to downsize my collection a bit and so today I’m putting up a few yoyos for sale or trade. As far as trades go I will have a list below. Most of my wants I am willing to trade multiples yoyos for as I am trying to downsize and will give pretty good offers. For my wants I dont care if they have damage as I am a player not collector and dont really care for the rarity of a rare throw. With selling I will also give discounts on package deals. I do prefer to ship in the United States but will to Canada as well. Sorry but no international shipping. I also have kendamas I’m willing to sell and throw towards yoyo trades.

Add $6 to prices for shipping


Zeekio Bird: $8 with any metal
YYJ Trigger: $15 with any metal
Duncan FHZ: $10 with any metal
TMBR Irving: $15 with any metal
YYF Velocity: $8 with any metal
YYF Supernova 2012: Amazing yoyo, Purple ano PC, near mint, smooth: $45
SWYYC Royale: Baped ano, One ding on one half, plays great: $60
Yomega Maverick: $10 with any other metal
RecRev Silly Goose: Mint, Nickel, amazing yoyo for sure: $60
YYJoker Double Joker: 7075 goodness, Gold PC, one of the best midsized yoyos: $70
YYF Genesis +: Violet PC, Smooth, plays really nice and looks cool: $45
YYF Shutter: Looks mint to me, smooth, plays amazing: $35
YYF Supernova: I have two but I will only sell or trade one. Silver splash is near mint with a couple tiny scratches that are hard to find, smooth as can be. Jonrob has some scuffs on the rims and is super smooth too. Both of these are 7075 USA made. JonRob is $50 and the Silver splash is $60
YYF H.O.T: I like this yoyo a lot. It plays very well and is one of my favorite YYF yoyos. kinda hard to let go. Mint as can be. $80
YYJ Diamondback: Black, mint, very very slight vibe but doesn’t affect play at all, IMO the best yoyo YYJ has made. $90

Here is a link to my flickr where you can find pictures of the damage of some of these yoyos and and pictures of some not pictured:

Kendamas: Various types and kens. If interested PM me.

Wants: Again for many of these I will trade multiples and have some cash as well for some of them.
Galaxy Proton
YYR Draupnir
Barely Legal Treesome
YYR Sleipnir
Blue /Gold rim HitmanX
RecRev Octave2
YYR perfectstar
IronyJP 2k13
Ti Walker ( I have other things I would also trade if offered one)
Beat Titaniums!
Werrd Split D (Purple only)
Werrd Pacquiao