Selling/trading some good yoyos

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I have a few great yoyos that I would love to sell or trade for.

Magic yoyo (not sure what model, but seems to play well, couple of scratches)- $20 or a trade
YYF Genesis 2 (I love this yoyo, worth a lot more than the price, probably would not sell except for more
than it is worth. Would do a trade though, near mint)- trade
YYF Cypher (good yoyo, not the best YYF budget metal but close, near mint)- $50 or trade
YYF Horizon (one of the best YYF budget metals, best horizontal yoyo I have ever used, a couple of
scratches)- $50 or trade
Ten Yoyo DropBear (excellent yoyo, couple of scratches)- $100 or trade
YYF Aluminum Dream (also one of the best YYF budget metals, in my opinion better than the Ti version
near mint)- $50 or trade
YYF Shutter (we all know the Shutter, vaguely beat)- $40 or trade
Yomega Prodigy (hesitant to sell this, old and beat, but the best yomega ever made. still plays like a
champ)- $100 but I could go lower, or trade
YoyOfficer Orbis (okay yoyo, beat)- $20 or trade
YYF Popstar (great small yoyo, near mint)- $20 or trade
YYF Replay Pro (best yoyo under $20 except maybe the Skyva (although with tax Skyva is more (not
relevent)), great little yoyo)- $15 or trade

I prefer trades, unless you are buying multiple yoyos.

I am mainly trying to sell some good yoyos, in order to buy a few really good bimetals or titaniums.
If trading, offer please offer bimetals or titaniums. I am willing to do multideals.
As a buyer, please buy multiple yoyos, as I am looking to get enough money to buy something really nice.
PM me with email address for picks and possible deals. I am open to most offers, especially if bi or ti. I would be happy to do bundle deals in order to get a really good yoyo.

(for instance, I would trade 3 YYF budget metals for a Blizzard, or 2 for a Steel)

Anyway, PM me and offer up!


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Hey guys, I am looking for the Ed Haponik signature yoyo, the EH. If anyone has one, I would be willing to trade metal for it. PM me for offers. Thanks!