Tons of Yoyos for Sale!!! YYR, YYF, YYJ, DS, 2sick, more: Want Triad/Proto Rally

(2Sick Joey) #1

I have managed to have too many yoyos and need to downsize so it’s time for a sale! Prices are shipped Priority in the US. I don’t want to deal international but will for Canada (with increased shipping cost), sorry international friends. FOR SALE ONLY BESIDES LIMITED TRADE WANTS

If interested in anything I have please PM me and we can work out some type of deal. Prices are relatively flexible but many are already great prices.

Some of these are kind of here to test the waters and are yoyo’s that I have never put up for sale. Will only sell if the price is right.

YYR Messiah: Mint, gold, super smooth. Best undersized ever made imo. Doesn’t get the love it deserves. $90
YYR Mr Butcher: Clear ano, mint, and butter smooth. One of my favorite yoyos in my collection. Won’t go easy so if no bites i’ll happily keep it. $120
YYR Fragment: Testing the waters. Mint, custom ano by Appleton anodizing, Green/purple/burgandy acid wash. Such a sick ano and the way this plays is insane. Super smooth player. There’s a reason this is one of the most sought after YYR. OFFER
2sick Queen: Kinetic Energy, mint and butter smooth. Has some super minor ano fade in the pink that gives it character. Plays true and the body is mint. This colorway sold out so this may be the only time you get to get one. $95
RecRev Freq. Wave: Mint and barely thrown, purple, dead smooth. Best Yoyo RecRev ever put out. $70
Duncan Torque: Pink, smooth, 3 ano scuffs, but otherwise great. Really good playing yoyo. $35
DS Pride Proto: Original Pride prototype, really rare, one tiny prick, smooth like glass. There aren’t very many of these. I’d say less than 5 ever. Different shape and feel to the the production. Amazing yoyo or sure. OFFER
DS Pride: Mint, Custom emerald green ano, 6061 production version, Super smooth and mint beside a couple small ano flaws. $90
DS Wrath: one tiny ano scuff,blue speckle, super smooth. If you don’t own one you should. $90
YYF Supernova: Gold acid, mint, super smooth, 7075 usa made. Best Supernova I own $80
YYF Shutter: Gold YYE Edition, a scuff or two, butter smooth. $35
OD Valor:
C3 Krown: Mint, aqua acid wash, super smooth and easily one of the best yoyos on the market. $120
C3 Trident: Coral/Pink, super smooth, some small scrapes around rims but plays true. $60
YYF HOT: Mint, smooth when tuned right, I have it pretty smooth right now, killer yoyo for sure: $70
Tyler Hsieh Pulsefire: raw. some small dings and marks but still a great yoyo. Would be a great beater or carry throw. $35
CLYW BVM: OG in clearview station, super smooth, 3-4 really small dings but doesn’t affect play. Very good yoyo. $70
CLYW AC2: Mint, FG for small ano flaws in the hub, super smooth and amazing. $70
OD Cascade: Purple, super vibrant color, smooth, and has a small pinprick cluster but still plays true. $65
Ten YoYo Bebop: Dubbed “Bapebop”, super smooth and one minor mark but another yoyo I really like. $70
Eternal Throw Victory: Grey acid purple splash, a few marks around rims but plays really well. My favorite SE yoyo for sure: $60
DS Wrath: Custom Gold PC, actually grinds nicely and is really smooth. A couple minor marks under PC but nothing major. Id say very good condition.Easily one of my favorite yoyos. $75
YYR Draupnir: Now before everyone offers me everything for this. I only want to trade this for another Draupnir. I will problably not trade this for anything besides these. Anodized Draupnir (Gold, Blue, Green) or an Isotope2. I will possibly add for an anodized draupnir especially if a Gold or blue. If you want to buy it, offer a price accordingly. This really is the single best performing yoyo I’ve ever played.

Something Crazy D: Glow in the dark, NY caps, smooth and one ding. $45
Something The V: purple, some marks on it but still a great yoyo. $40
Something Addiction: One dings and is a first run blue. A great plastic though has a small plastic vibe but still a great throw. $25
YYF Protostar: Neon Orange, ding or two and super smooth, plays dope. $20
YYJ Hitman X: Blue/ special edition, capless and smooth. This has that nostalgic feel but plays killer. One of my favorite YYJs. $40
YYJ Revival: Barely played, smooth, really nice yoyo. $40

If you’re interested in multiples I will give good package deals !!!

Various brands but these all shred: Will only sell these with yoyos or if you buy multiple kendamas. These have all been used to varying degrees. Most have normal wear.

KenCo Zen: Mint with box never opened: $15
Sweets/blue tama: Red sweets ken with a kenco light blue tama $15
Kenmaster/light blue tama: Kendama master ken (I white acrylic spray painted it) with a custom Light blue tama. $13
Sweets attack: stained ken, white tama: $15
KenCo/gold tama: stained ken, gold tama $15
Kenco glow Ken: Basically never been used. $5 with another kendama

Will sell this whole bundle for $50 plus shipping.

Ti Walker**** (Will trade well for one)
Prototype Rally
YYF Triad****
Leviathan 4b
Isotope2 ***

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