FT/S: YYR, YYJoker, GeneralYo, CLYWxOD, SPYY + More

US Only and Paypal only

SPYY Pure: two very small flatspot and looks mint until you look very hard, Gold plated rare model, smooth. This is one of the collectable yoyos in my collection that is pretty rare and worth much. Don’t know what to list it at. OFFER
YoYoJoker Double Joker: Orange, Ano wear in IRG and two dings that were sanded, Smooth like it should be. Its a great Japanese throw and plays as good as YYR. Such a good throw that is smooth and stable as can be. $75 shipped
BreakBeatYo Lover: Blue, one tiny scuff, Smooth. Very surprised with how well this companies throws play. Super good throw for a good price. Will come with the blue fhz capes installed. $50 shipped
YYF G-Funk:Gold /green acid wash, a few tiny dings, smooth. Super powerful undersized throw that is among the longest spinning undersized I’ve played. Super nice throw! $45 shipped
YYR Z-on: Blue, mint with box, barely played and smooth like it should be. $85 shipped
YYR e=mc2: Limited edition Samm Scott, mint with box/barely played and smooth like it should be. $100 shipped
YYR Gleipnir: Gold ano, smooth and mint with box/barely played. Amazing yoyo right here. $90 shipped
CLYWxOD Summit: Green, one scuff and a couple pinpricks. All damage on one half. Plays great and is a pretty good yoyo. $80 shipped
RecRev @: Purple and I switched out the Stax with another one of my yoyos so it has the silver stax. Its mint from what I can tell but to be safe lets just say extremely near mint. Its smooth as well and plays dope. $60 shipped

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If you need any more pictures check out my flickr in the link below:

Wants: (No dark colorways) (no black or red colorways)
DS Wrath (limited edition speckle)
YYR Uragment
YYR Mr. Butcher
YYR Sleipnir
YYF Avant Garde
CLYW Cliff
sOMEThING Crazy-D**** Really want this
YYJoker Illmina and Doublejoker new
YYJ Diamondback

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No more majesties

That looks like a great deal on the e=mc2. I don’t know how my dad feels about buying through BST, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on this thread.