FS/FT- UPDATED WANTS! Low Prices! Limited Ed. Punchline for $70! And More!!!

Hey guys im selling/trading some awesome yoyos. I do paypal, but if you ship money…YOU SHIP FIRST. I will get some pics up soon. More feedback on YYN.


-OD Code 1
-OD Dietz
-OD Cafe Racer
-OD Y-Factor- special editions only
-OD 54- special editions only
-OD Project 1 or 2
-OD M1
-OD/CLYW Wooly Markmont

Here are the yos!

SPYY Punchline Repeater, Limited Edition gold w/engravings. Has some small pinpricks and a scuff. You can still do all the grinds. Comes with onedrop 10-ball. Its very smooth, and just looks amazing. Gotta love the engravings! $70 Shipped

SPYY Solaris, Silver w/red splash, MINT Condition w/box, Hasn’t been played too much. Smoothest yoyo i have thrown to this date. Looks great! $80.00 Shipped TRADED

HSPIN Gorylla, Smooth, Has pinpricks/scuffs but nothing that affects play. Number 63. Not much else to say. $35 Shipped.

3YO3 Rainbow Edition Ceephax, very smooth, looks amazing, might have 1 small scuff. Really is awesome. Only letting go of this for a really good offer or cash. $60.00 Shipped.

YYJ Hitman, Plays just fine, pretty dang beat. Satinned so the dings aren’t as bad. Cleaned Bearing, Silicone. Unresposive fun. I know the pics have a bearing, but it doesn’t. So just offer or ill add it to a deal.

YYj Atmosphere, plays like a metal/plastic hybrid should, Caps painted black (see pics) Got some small marks, but nothing too bad. $28.00 Shipped


Link to Pics:

I got a WMM MIB and a straight black 54 w lego side effects.

Double trade for the punchline and solaris?

hollla bback

Im actually awaiting a message about my solaris. But i would trade my punchline for your WMM.

PM me for offers.

Bump, Solaris may be pending

bump, catch ya on the flip side.

bump its friday!