Yomagic's BST: YYF, YYJ, YYR, Deadly SpINS, Pulsefire, Duncan + Tons more!!!

Okay my fellow throwers, I have come to the conclusion that I have way too many yoyos and I need to majorly downsize. All of these yoyos play great or I wouldn’t own them. I just have way too many than I can show attention too. Most of these have some damage as I play my yoyos not let them collect dust but all play top notch. Some are mint and most have packaging somewhere in my dirty room (if you want boxes ask me when we negotiate a deal and i’ll check to see if I have it, If you don’t ask it will be sent without the packaging). I’ll specify all that below in descriptions.

I prefer to make deals within the United States but will consider Canada as well (with appropriate shipping costs added). I just don’t want any lost packages overseas as that happens too often for my preference.

Form of payment preferred is Paypal. I will however be willing to work out other payment methods with anyone as long as they are willing to agree to the risk of any lost money/money order in the mail. Just wanted to make that clear.

I love giving package deals if people buy multiples and will knock down prices and hook people up. I also randomly like to include some goodies if I feel inclined. If you have any questions on package deals you just PM me and we can talk it out!

Add $6 to all prices for Priority shipping with Tracking

Now on to the goodies :slight_smile: Not everything is pictured but is in the flickr page I link below.


Something Crazy-D: Blue, smooth as can be, and mint. If you don’t own of these you’re missing out. seriously too good of a delrin. $40
Duncan Fh2s: Both are higby. One is painted and one is dyed. They play great! If you know me you know I love fh2s and these are two that get least amount of play. $30 for the pair
YYF 1080s: These are ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ special edition loops. I like to pretend I can learn to loop but its impossible lol. So you can have them for $25
Tyler Hsieh Pulsefire: This is a raw version and has some marks and scuffs. This has a very slight vibe but it still plays aamzing. Would make a great daily carry and that’s what I use my other as. Agile and stable and just awesome. $40
2sick Gambit: This is a 7075 prototype that was anodized in a black with orangeish copper speckles. Its a one-of done by appleton and is mint and super smooth. There were only 3 prototype 7075s and this is the only anodized one. $105
YYF Shutter: stripped and sodablasted then Custom Anodized with an awesome blue acid wash by Appleton Anodizing. Completely mint aside from a small ano flaw or two. Plays great! $50
YYF Supernova: 7075, USA Made, two or three small scrapes that blend with ano, and dead smooth. Not a common colorway as I’ve never seen this one before. $65
YYF Supernova: 7075, scuffs around rims but no dings, JonRob edition. Awesome color and amazing playing yoyo. $55
YYF H.O.T: Completely mint, Gold ano, tiny vibe to the finger but still a great yoyo. I hear many H.O.Ts have similar vibe. It is tunable as I have it pretty smooth right now. Awesome yoyo though! $75
RecRev Silly Goose: Nickel, tiny vibe but still a great playing yoyo. Among one of my favorite Recrevs. I got this from Cal states last year and came with silver hubs and switched them with my black ones so this may be the only nickel goose with solid black hubs. $45
YYF Mighty Flea: I have the little packaging it came in somewhere around. Its a super fun little novelty yoyo. I have a few strings that fit on it that id throw in as well as an extra bearing and pad I have for it. $20 with another yoyo purchase.
DS Pride Proto V1: This is a rare piece of DS. There aren’t many V1’s even made and this one is a custom Gold/teal swirl PC by Mullicabob. The PC is awesome looking and even smoothens out the semi sharp edges (the reason for design change). Plays amazing and has completely different feel from the production and plays way different. Might be your only chance to have a V1 Pride Proto. I don’t ever put my DS up so snatch it. $120
DS Wrath: Was a mint Teal Wrath stripped then sodablasted and given an awesome ano job by Appleton Anodizing. Mint aside from a few tiny flaws in the ano. Such a great colorway on quite possibly my favorite yoyo of all time. I have packaging as well. Plays amazing and looks awesome spinning. Has the slightest vibe to the finger but doesn’t detract from play. Again I don’t put my DS up ever so snatch it before I regain sanity. $100
Cold Metal Nord: $100 retail yoyo that is still MIB, thrown once to ensure smooth play. A really cool organic/Hshape. I’ll sell it for an amazing price of $40.
YYR Overdrive: This is tied for my favorite YYR. Its big and light which makes it so good. My favorite oversized throw and the colorway is dope. These retailed for $220 at the time I got it. I never thought this would see the light of a BST. $155
YYR Blink: I also love this throw too. Clear ano and mint was well. Smooth as can be. My favorite midsized yoyo of all time. $120
Anti-Yo YWET: This is such a super awesome yoyo. I had this done by Jupdyke with a flat ano PC and had the YWET Logo etched back on by him. This is the smoothest PC’d yoyo I’ve ever played. Has a few tiny marks covered by PC. Will come with red antiyo SE’s. $100

These were going to be kept by me as leftover stock and are a part of my huge collection but they are up in the BST. I prefer to sell these but am willing to work out trades for my wants. All are MIB too.
Only have blue/green/red colorways left $80 a piece

Here is a link to my Flickr page where I have more closeup pics and stuff like that:

Also have some kendamas for sale or trade as well!


Sweets A’tack: Yellow, well used and broken in, I stained the ken, multicolor string, awesome kendama $17 shipped
KendamaUSA: Custom painted gold tama, stained ken, good condition $18 shipped
KendamaMaster: Matte blue tama, great condition, amazing ken $15 shipped
Sweets with KendamaCo tama: Excellent condition, looks amazing and plays great too: $20 shipped

Buy all 4 kendamas for $55 shipped

Wants list is limited to what is seen below. I will not accept and other offers at all. Cash is always king! I am willing to trade multiples in order to downsize for some bigger wants. Of course I wont rip myself off but will offer nicely.

In order of wantiness: No black or dark colors
YYR Draupnir (Ano preferred but any offers are nice)
Vs Newton Ti Walker (I will offer very nice for one)
OD Valor
Werrd Pacquaio (picky on colors)
C3 Krown
Something Anglam (any version)
TP Leviathon 4b
TP Paranoid
Something Addiction
YYO Hatchet (Gold plated would get a nice offer)
Sturm Pranzer Leo Sniper (any version)
Adegle Accel

Adjusted some prices!