Yomagic's Huge BST: YYF, RecRev, YYJ, SWYYC, Kendamas, + More!!!!!

Sup peeps!

Today I’m putting up a decent chunk of my collection for Sale/Trade. I need to downsize majorly as I have way too many throws. I prefer money very much so but I do have a few specific wants I would trade for. I would like to ship within the US only but international deals to Canada are likely as well. Paypal is my preferred payment method but if you can’t do so just PM me and we can try to work something out!

TMBR Irving: A few marks but plays fine. $7 with purchase of a metal
Duncan FHZ: Mint, stock, plays good. $10 with a purchase of a metal
YYJ Trigger: Near mint, plastic vibe. $12 with any purchase of a metal
RecRev F(X): Near mint, little vibe, b-grade. $25 shipped or $15 with a metal

Buy all 4 above for $40 shipped ^^

SWYYC Royale:2 dings, bearing post is a little odd. Only works with a grooved bearing and 2 shims, smooth though and plays great. $35 shipped
Yomega Maverick: mint, great pocket yoyo that plays good. $20 shipped
RecRev Silly Goose: Mint, nickel, I would consider it pretty smooth. $50 shipped
SWYYC Rockefeller: a couple sanded down dings that are very hard to find, slightest vibe to the finger but plays top notch. $65 shipped

2sick Gambit:mint, 1 of 10, dead smooth, never thrown. $85 shipped
2sick Gambit:7075, 1 of 6, mint, dead smooth, never thrown. $90 shipped
YYF Supernova: scuffs around rims but no dings, smooth, 7075, plays amazing. $60 shipped
YYJ Diamondback: Mint, smooth and the best YYJ hands down. $80 shipped

YYF HOT:Mint, Gold ano, not very common, slightest vibe but one of my favorite YYFs. $80 shipped
YYF Supernova: Near mint, smooth, 7075, Never seen this colorway before so not sure if its rare or not. $70 shipped
2sick Gambit: Mint, Dead smooth, 1 of 10, never thrown. $85 shipped
2sick Gambit: Mint, never thrown, smooth, 1 of 10. $85 shipped

Cold Metal Nord and YYF Protostar: Both MIB! Nord: $40 shipped and protostar $20 shipped or buy both for $50 shipped!! $135 retail price for only $50!!

Sweets A’tack: Yellow, well used and broken in, I stained the ken, multicolor string, awesome kendama $17 shipped
KendamaUSA: Custom painted gold tama, stained ken, good condition $18 shipped
KendamaMaster: Matte blue tama, great condition, amazing ken $15 shipped
Sweets with KendamaCo tama: Excellent condition, looks amazing and plays great too: $20 shipped

Buy all 4 kendamas for $55 shipped

So thats the BST! If your interested in anything just hit me up with a PM!

Wants: Only want these, don’t offer anything else. No red or black yoyos. Main wants are bolded
TenYoYo Bebop
YYR Draupnir (I’ll offer very well for a blue one)
YYR Sleipnir
VSNYYC Ti Walker
C3 Krown
sOMEThING Addiction
Anglam (C.C or any model)

C3 P.Wave
Werrd Irony JP2k13
OG Werrd Irony (Pink one)
Werrd Pacquiao (This depends on what offer I get as trade)