Letting go of Everything

You must send first and US only. Please add $3 shipping
I will not accept trades (as in trades i mean no yoyos, but i am looking for gift cards such as visa gift cards or anything like that) and cash or check in mail or PayPal . And i do not have a final price so please offer your prices and we can negotiate

I have…
yyf HOT (Ann c. edition) one ding but sadly has vibe. $35 gone
C3 Movitation: has small scratches that cant be seen bc of the colorway and no vibe$37 gone
yyf Czechmate signed by paul han: one small ding but no vibe $37 gone
1st run yyj phenomizm (does not have nickel plated rings) mint and smooth
recrev octave 1: one small prick and tiny vibe that i will be able to tune
yyf shutter: scratches but smooth gone
yyf northstar: mint the typical plastic vibe
magic yoyo K8: mint with the typical cheap budget yoyo vibe $10
for the bottom case, it is all just random yoyos and 2A yoyos i do not use so offer whatever price you would like
Yyj sunset trajectories

Can i see a picture of the damage to the hot, and the czechmate

i might be interested

How much for every yoyojam in bottom case?

How much for sunset trajectory(s)

I’m back and selling my left over stuff !