Please delete. All gone.

I’m looking to trade mostly but cash is welcome. Shipping $3 U.S. I have two hand painted cases that hold 16 yoyos a piece the insides are lined with felt. One is red black and white. The other blue black and orange. Both have the outline of the YYE logo on them. If you want more pictures of them shoot me a message. Offers on the boxes must be reasonable for me to be able to ship them.

Trade wise Im really into OD but all offers are welcome

Trade only!

CLYW Yeti Purple MWB gone

RecRev silly goose mint blue black and white, dead smooth

OD Project 2 blue nick in gap and small scratch on rim gone

Sale or trade!

2015 Aqua Genesis 2105 one tiny scratch doesn’t effect play. $30 gone

YYO Lava black and green. Few small nicks on rim $15 gone

YYF Protostar glow near mint $15 gone

Yomega Maverick Gold few scratches $10

YYJ Revival Directors Cut few pinpricks on rim $28

Yoyo zeekio anarchist few flat spots on rim $25

YYF Shu-ta black normal engraving $40 gone

OD 2014 Benchmark V black near mint $35 gone

YYO Pause green gone

YYO jaeger near mint $35 gone

C3 Move purple and blue, small scratches on rim gone

Whimsy Roar red normal engraving gone

If you’d like more detailed pictures of the yoyos you can message me here or on my Instagram @enter_apathy


Dogma is gone



What are you asking for the Move? Don’t have much in trade as I have mostly YYF as well.

The move is currently pending for I have already mad arrangements to trade it. Sorry

ROAR gone. Bump

Move gone. Bumpy

Added prices and a few more throws. Need some money for ohayocon this weekend


Benchmark V gone. Bump and what not

Yoyo cases are up. Bump

CLYW yeti. Bump

Added some throws and a new pick. Bump


Bump and stuff

Still got silly goose

How much for the silly goose