Hey guys, I’m looking at narrowing down my collection a bit Selling most of my current collection. I’m open to most offers, so don’t be shy. All yoyo’s come with boxes, unless otherwise stated. I’m a tad bit unexperienced at trading, but i do have a couple trades under my belt. I’m mostly looking for Cash, but i might take a couple rare throws… Here’s what I’ve got to offer:

YoyoRecreation: Essentially anything… Please offer. <3
Turning Point: Offer. I like most of these.
CLYW: Maybe if it’s really rare… Offer.

CLYW Avalanche prototype, blue. Really solid throw. Bought from Chris at 2010’s WCR. No Avalanche grooves. Quite a few dings. RARE. Offer.

Mint CLYW BvM. (1 of 1) Arthur folley of Kingspin custom annodized. Glossy black with fine color changing speckles. Super cool. RARE. OFFER.

Mint One Drop Code 1. YYE edition, nice orange color. Boxed. OFFER.

YYF 888x, Black. Small dings. Smooth player. Boxed. $70 shipped.

YYF Yuuksta, Blue acid wash. One small ding. Awesome throw. Missing a pad, but I could silicone it… Boxed. $60 shipped.

YYF 2010 G5, Teal. Small dings. Comes with stacks and what not. Boxed. $65 shipped.

Mint YYF SuperWIDE. Awesome throw. Boxed, $60 shipped.

Mint YYF 2011 DV888, Half blue, half Grey. Awesome throw. Boxed. $45 shipped.

Mint YYF BOSS. Absolutely dope throw. Cool green acid wash. Red yoyofactory response. $80 shipped.

YYF JK. Small dint on one half. Doesn’t effect play too much. Cool little throw. $25 shipped.

YYF Superstar, Pink acid wash. Beat up pretty bad. Doesn’t effect play, but there are some bad dings from the string breaking and flying down the street. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know, boxed, like $40 bucks.

Mint String Theory Singularity. Gold BB’d. Smooth. $50 shipped.

YoyoRecreation 2012 New Label Messiah. Easily one of the best yoyo’s I’ve ever thrown. Beautiful. Pads are alright, could replace for a nice offer… Couple scuffs, only 1 that goes through anno. OFFER!

YoyoRecreation Gliepnir. Bright red anno. The best yoyo. Hands down. It’ll take a lot to get this off me. A couple tiny dings. Spins forever. OFFER

I’ll message pictures on request. Let me know! :slight_smile:
PM me for details or offers. Thanks guys.

Is the bassalope still there??? I really want one! And is it $50 all together? With shipping?

Bumpy mc-bumperson.

BUMPER mc Bumps.

Pmd again!!!

pls. post pics w/ your b/s/t, per forum rules.