FS/FT: Werrd, GenYo, OD, etc. LF: YYF, TP, YYR, Duncan, sOMEThING, CLYW,etc.

Hey everyone, I’m mainly looking for some money (pretty desperate, that’s why I have some low prices), please don’t lowball on this stuff, maybe if it’s not ridiculously low like $10 (I’ve gotten these offers…) but don’t be scared to offer up. Also, I said it below already but some people I guess didn’t see it, but please do not offer to trade things not on the list. Also, first buyers will definitely get some sick goodies from me, no joke, actually, don’t be surprised if you get an expensive yoyo for free with it… :wink: So please check it out! Message me with serious offers/if you want to buy! One more thing, a lot of these were pictured without bearings, they WILL come with bearings (flat) I can add a Center-Trac for an extra $7


Looking for:

YoYoFactory Luis Enrique Genesis
YYR E=mc2
YYR Draupnir
Duncan Barracuda
Turning Point Leviathan 4B
Turning Point Positron 2
CLYW Colored Yeti (No Black)
sOMEThING Anglam (C.C. or normal)
C3 Electric Flash

Here’s more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56448360@N06/sets/72157631939999377/

YoYoFactory 888(s) (Offer) - I have one blue 888x that was satined by the previous owner, scratched up, sides are blue and doesn’t have hubstacks and a 2008 silver 888 with no hubstacks that is mint, you can see scratch type lines on it that aren’t actually scratches, just look like it since it’s raw

Original YoYoFactory RockStar ($50) - my favorite version of the two, I believe it is 7075 aluminum, green acid wash, scratches and pin pricks all around

YoYoFactory Superstar ($80) - Jensen Kimmit edition (Red), mint, no hubstacks, was actually owned by Jensen Kimmitt before

Duncan Echo ($25) - Hardly played it, Orange, clean bearing, mint

YoYoJam Trinity (Offer)- Blue, first release, some marks on it, no bearing

YoYoFactory Supernova ($40) - These released before the full release, VK edition, has some crazy looking rims, they came like that in case some of you didn’t know since it looks like a mistake. Has dings all around it, fun yoyo though.

Crucial Cupcake ($70) - Mint, only threw it for a few minutes, too small for me.

Werrd Split Decision ($80) - Near mint, put some bearings on the hubs for weight but I can’t get them off, the O-rings are stuck, I’m sure someone could get them off easily with more work, has some scratching on the hub from trying to get them off.

General-Yo Mini-Star ($80) - Near mint, has some scratches in the anno that might be able to be removed just by rubbing it somehow, not really sure, I seem to get them in the 2010 General-Yos just from pockets and such, don’t effect play at all.

General-Yo Torrent II ($90) - Prerelease (No engravings), Pinprick and some weird scratching as mentioned above but not much.

General-Yo Majesty ($70 OBO) - Pre-release (raw, no engravings), I satined it, not the best job but not the worst, could be touched up easily.

OneDrop Nickel Burnside ($80 OBO) - Some unnoticeable scratches and two more noticeable flatspots/dings, awesome throw, has some tarnishing, I’m not sure but I believe you just hit it with some polish and it’s good, could be completely wrong though.

Chico YoYo Company Heavy Hitter ($80) - has some hardly noticeable pinpricks, amazing throw, always been a favorite of mine but I hardly play it.

-Chase Baxter

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I have a Hayabusa and a FHZ,trade for the Dv888s?

Bump :-\ Come one guys, these are some good yoyos!

He wants to sell these!

Free bump! Please help my pal sell his yoyos! The reason why is cause he’s gonna buy a brand new camera, so he can make you guys some high-quality videos!

YOU will benefit from buying his yoyos; cause you will get to enjoy the many talented yoyoers at PYYC, but in better quality!

Please buy from him!

Yup! Getting a new camera so I can film better videos of EVERY member at the Plymouth YoYo Club and I’m sure there’ll be more! I’m trying to get better with editing and filming and I think you guys will really enjoy these videos once I have the proper equipment!

Come on you fools, buy this man’s throws!

Sorry Owen, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a new camera :’(

jensen kimmet super star i like it ill trade you a g5 and a popstar and a magic yoyo magic t5

Bump, updated wants

Bump! Trying to save up to get some yoyos made :wink:

Dang, I’ve only gotten super low offers :frowning: I’d really like to get rid of some stuff so I can get some equipment for videos and a new computer…Don’t think that’s going to happen. Please guys, if you’re interested at all, message me! I’ll trade for some things if I have to, I have a few yoyos that aren’t on here that I’ll possibly trade that are pretty nice as well, so message me, please! You don’t understand how badly I need to get rid of this stuff! Another thing, I doubt anyone has a huge collection of translucent dice, but if you do, I’ll trade a yoyo for it (Like 10 trans dice or more)

I really wish somebody would get some stuff from me. Anyone have any good 3A pairs?

Problem is not must of a market for what ya got. And they usually sell quite cheap anyway. Good luckb but if your lookinv for a bLl park. Figure around 50% of new for eacb. If their new.

Updated wants, please check it out and contact me! It’d be much appreciated!

Another big update, put prices up on most of them, pretty cheap, check it out.

I’ll give you $35 for your Momentum.

Updated once again, REALLY want some more CLYW, specifically the Peak.

Big update, brought down the prices a lot, pretty cheap if you ask me, really looking for money, also some things are gone, check it out, thanks!

Bump, O-Zone is gone!

BUMP, if you want cheap stuff, this is the place to get it