FS: Rare CLYW, C3YoyoDesign, and Turning Point - Prices Added

Hello there!

I’m downsizing a bit, here’s what’s up for grabs. I keep all of my yoyos in great condition, but some of the yoyos here have been acquired in trades, so if you are curious about the condition, vibe, damage, etc. of any throws feel free to shoot me a pm and I will get you some more pictures/information.

Prices are negotiable, so if anything seems high to you feel free to send me a message and bargain. I’m chiefly looking to sell, unless you have any of the following:


Happy throwing!

Some nice music to listen to as you browse:


Puffin 2 - Near mint with box. 135.
OG Avalanche - Mint with box. 100.
Turning Point RT - Mint without box. 135.
CLYW Gnarwhal 2 - Mint with box. 135.
BvM2 - Very near mint. 100.
Hulk Smash Peak - 2nd run, some damage, but still quite smooth. Offer.

Puffin - 95.
C3yoyoDesign Level 6 - Offer. Might just be a deal sweetener.
CLYWxC3YD H5xChief - 155.
CLYW Canvas - 150 shipped.
Yeti - Offer if you would like it individually. This could be added as a deal sweetener.

CLYWxOneDrop Wooly Markmont,
Comeback Avalanche - 110.
Gnarwhal 1 - 80.
Wooly Markmont 2 - 135.
Campfire - 85.
LB Maple Drip Bassalope - 110.

I can include more pictures of any yoyo that you’re interested in. Send me a message!


Bump, with added prices.

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