Anti-yo, YYJ...

Looking to sell or trade a few yo-yos.

-3A Pairs,
-CLYW Caribou Lodge (solid colors preferred)
-ODxCLYW Summit
-YYF Ricochet
-Duncan Condor, Strix, Barracuda
-RecRev Freq. Wave
-Werrd…mostly any of the Decision series(Split Decision, Indecision, Bad Decision)
-Fixed Axles such as rare Butterflies, Hildy Bros., Tmbr, No-Jives, etc…

Also open to other REASONABLE OFFERS.
All prices listed include shipping. I accept paypal, but if you must send money order or cash-in-mail it is your risk and I will not ship until I receive payment.

Anti-Yo Dri-Ywet(copper plated) Mint. Only thrown for a few days, just tarnished. You could leave as is and let it get darker over time or polish it.

One Drop Dang(nickel plated) Pretty close to mint with one *tiny pinprick.

Pair of YYJ Classics. One Red/blue, one Blue/red. Mint, only thrown a few times. come with slim bearings
$15 for pair

YoYoJam Eneme. Black. Decent condition, only a few small scuffs, one that breaks ano. Still plays great!

C3YoYoDesign Token. This is the purple/silver splash ed. sold at YYE. Mint. Only thrown about 10 throws.

Thank you!!!

speed bump

speed bump

Interested in the Dri-Ywet

You can hit me up on facebook if you want too :slight_smile:

I want to purchase it or trade.

Right now I have a Yogi Puffin, a Dandelion Chief, A very used Foxy Moss Chief, Pyro, Pyro Light, 3YO3 Volume.

and cash.