PRICE DROP!!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING Selling yo-yos-- Japan Tech YYF, YYJ

Hi. So I’ve decided that to fund my next yo-yo purchases, I’ll need to make some money and get rid of some of the throws I don’t use anymore. Here is what I’m selling:

YYf- Prague edition Cypher($40 Mint), Prague edition Popstar($12 Mint), Teal Popstar($9 w/ purchase of another yo-yo, Mint), CZM8($30 Ano Flaw x1), Superwide($25 Scratches)

YYj-Trigger($14 Mint), Gold plated Vexed($26 Some Scratches, Caps Fading), Nickel plated SR-71($24 Some Scratches), XLR8 ($18 Mint)

Japan Tech- Ashiru Kamui Light ($30 Mint, Barely used it more than 10 times)

Prices are negotiable and you can make me a trade offer (I will trade more than one of these for a single yo-yo)

Shipping charge will be your call. (i.e. If you want me to overnight for some reason, let me know and you will just pay the postage.) If you don’t specify shipping, I will use the cheapest method. I will only ship to U.S. and I hope you understand. Please P.M. me or email me at (Put BST in the Subject line) for any questions. Pictures will gladly be provided upon request via Email.

Again, if you are interested, please P.M. me or Email me and I will respond as soon as possible.

One final thing: Paypal only. Thanks for understanding!