Selling some stuff (YYF / YYJ / X3)

Hey guys,

I am looking to buy some new photography gear and want to get rid of some yo-yos therefore.
PM ME WITH ANY OFFERS, I did not put a price tag for reason.
If you wish to trade, then please only High-End Stuff, I’ll gladly trade multiple yo-yos at once for one titanium throw or so.

Wish list:

  • Catch22
  • Ricochet
  • any other Titanium
  • Japanese Metal
  • Splash Superstars with GOLD Splash (!!)
  • Jason Lee Shutter

Things you should know:

  • I am not looking for anything other than above listed
  • I ship from Germany, trackable, takes about a week, never lost a package to the US
  • I am reliable, most of you probably know I also run an online store and am Team member of YoYoFactory
  • I take PayPal payment only from US
  • If you PM me “I want this and that yoyo” - I take this for granted. If you cancel the deal, I will give you a negative feedback, I am sick of bad traders. Of course, this is different if we are still negotiating etc. – but if you give me a “Hey, I’ll buy yoyo XYZ”, then please also DO it.


From left to right, from top to bottom:

YYF Destiny, slightly used, rims sorta grey

Magicyoyo N9, mint, no hubstacks

Yuuksta pink/blue acidwash, mint

Henrys M1, mint

Magicyoyo N11, mint

YYF Genesis with 10-Ball KK, slight vibe, slight dents

RecRev N9, heavily used, but still smooth

YYF Supernova gold acidwash, Made in US Version, mint

YYF Avantgarde Black/Red Splash, Mint, no Logo

YYF Supernova 2012, Red/Gold Acidwash, Mint

YYF Equilateral, mint

X3 Splashed TehYo, mint

Hadrien‘s Blood Brother 1, mint, slight vibe

GodTricks yoyo, with KK, smooth, mint

YYF Catalyst, almost mint, no logo


All of these have been used, but are in good enough condition for any play.
I’d gladly trade for new edition Loop1080 :slight_smile:

  • All Loop900 come in pairs (except for the ones standing upright, only 1 pcs),
  • Loop1080 in pairs
  • Unleashed by YYJ in pairs