Looking for upgrade, ideas?

So currently I’m using a Duncan Mosquito that I picked up at the local Wal-Mart and I love it. Unfortunately the wore down, a normal thing for yoyos, and the friction stickers wore down, again normal for a yoyo that’s frequently used. However, now less of a novice, my tricks are getting better and the Mosquito just isn’t cutting it. I’m considering upgrading to a YoYoJam Dark Magic or something similar. My price range is minimal at best, but I can handle around 30-40$. Any ideas?

would you like to try grinding? then Darkmagic. Fast? Speeder. Flashy?X-con/ hitman.

Or just protostar
And make sure that you know how to do bind return or getting bind return

Regardless of what you want to do, any of the choices Nmaster posted would be wonderful. They can all perform exceptionally well.

Well, what set of tricks are you on on Andre Boulay’s tutorials. I got the Dark Magic and it was great for me as an intermediate. But its pretty snaggy so it was tough when I got into the advance tricks. Now I have a Protostar, and it is much better for advanced tricks and its cheaper. I recommend getting a flat bearing tho if u buy a protostar.

alright, I’m at about the beginning of Andre’s tutorials, but unfortunately my yoyo gave out before I could continue. A few questions, a)what do you mean by snaggy? and b)why a flat bearing over the concave one in the protostar? thanks for the help, it really means a lot.

“snagy” refers to the fact that when there are many string layers wraped around the yoyo the response system will grab the string and could cause it to return
The flat bearing over the concave seems just to be a matter of preference

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ok, now what about weight? something that would really feel solid in my hands without feeling solid in the wallet. What are my options out there? The Darkmagic is really all that I’ve seen in the intermediate to advanced categories, feedback?

Do you know how to bind? The DM is good for learning how to bind. As well as other YYJ adjustables. Also look aother yoyos too. But if you really like the DM and you have the money go for it. It could be responsive or unresponsive. To make it responsive tighten the gap (but not too much 'cuz it would damage your yoyo) and add thick lube. To make itunresponsive widen the gap , also not too much because the halves might fall apart or your string might be caught between the bearing and the sit. It’s really grate for learning tricjs including grinds.

now that’s what I’m looking for. No I really don’t know how to bind, but I’m progressing through Andre’s tutorials, and binding’s coming up on the list. I think I’ll go for it, and pick up a bottle of thick lube and some pads for my mosquito, as it’s still a great yoyo. Thanks to everyone for their help!

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I also have a mesquito and like it,but recently got the velocity realy like it i like playing responsive but wanted to try unresponsive also.after a month I was still playing so i got a dm Ilove it the o ring was turning the string black pretty quick so i ordered sone silicon o rings and shims just to keep the gap where i like it,Ilike all my yoyos but love my dm. I also took the caps off my mesquito and hot glued 4 metal balls in each half 2 add weight.