Dark magic 2 or Protostar


Okay, so I’m looking for a yoyo that I can take around with me anywhere. What are the pros and cons of each yoyo? I would like a yoyo that can do whatever trick you throw at it with no trouble. I like the fact that the Dark Magic 2 comes with a responsive and an unresponsive bearing. I also like the fact that the Protostar comes with a Centre Trac Bearing. Which one would you pick? I am open to any other suggestions. Or should I get the Onestar (without a Centre Trac)?


Get whatever makes you the happiest. I can do any trick I can do with any of those. I know, I have them all. I would recommend against the OneStar only due to the weight, no other reason. Well, the reason is the light weight has lower spin times so longer combos might be an issue.

Do consider this: The Protostar is very, VERY loud.

Then again, I can take an upgraded Classic and be super happy.

What I would recommend is a yoyo holder of some sort, or maybe an mid-sized yoyo(metal might still be best for weight purposes) for more pocket-friendly transport.

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Do yourself a favor and get a ProtoStar, it’s plays way above it’s price range and each time I throw it I’m continually impressed with how a plastic yoyo could be so good.

Don’t get me wrong, the DMII is good and all, but to me the ProtoStar blows it out of the water. That’s just me though.

Plus it’s cheaper!


If you’re going to use it as a carry around and take it anywhere I recommend the DM2, that thing is near indestructible. While the protostar can crack more easily because of it being plastic.

But if you’re not looking for much durability I’d go with the protostar, I like the shape of it more.


I’ve owned both and they’re both fantastic yoyos, especially for the price. I prefer the Protostar because I find the shape fits my hand better and I find the weight a bit more suited to my play speed. Having said that, the DM2 is far from being uncomfortable or difficult to control, I just find the Protostar does everything that little bit better. If you’re still learning how to bind, that extra slim bearing could be a god send but if you already have a consistent bind down, I’d take the Protostar. As Studio42 mentioned though, the Protostar (and the rest of YYF’s plastic stars) do tend to be rather noisy.



I find the protostar slightly better… BUT it does crack easily and the dmII is much more durable… Since you are taking this on the go Id recommen the DMII


Dm2 if your somewhat new, and protostar if you can bind and do more advanced string tricks.


Gonna have to argue with you on that one. The dm2 is pretty much all around fabulous. But I personally dislike the speed bearing so make sure that u upgrade the bearing, (I’d reccomend a 10 ball) and if ur not a clumsy thrower u will love the dm2.


I love my protostar, but get a dm2 because you wanna carry it around everywhere, the ONE and ONLY time I took my protostar outside it got chipped at the rims and now its a little vibey…DM2 is a much more “take everywhere” yoyo. However, if you ask me which one is a better player, I’d go with the protostar. For your situation DM2…

Hey, just get both ;D jk.

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OR you can say ‘screw these fragile yoyos’ and get an alpha crash or a Delrin Severe :smiley:


Protostar for sure. Its an amazing throw for the price, I can get most of my long combos on that thing. I think the dm2 is a better grinder, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never tried to grind with the proto. The dm2 has some metal, so it won’t crack on the edges like the proto will. The protostar is very loud, but with the center trac, it will spin plenty of time. Do, protostar over dm2, unless you are a beginner.
Haha, I actually would prefer a severe over both.


Yeah I’ve the severe that thing is strong like a bullet! I sure would get it… Again… Over the protostar.

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Protostar has a low gap wall and a competitive shape. The DMII was designed some years ago and has a high gap wall. Not that this is bad, but it wouldn’t be able to handle some tricks as well as the Protostar could. I’ve used both and I prefer the Proto :slight_smile: