Dark magic???

I want to get a yo yo that is unresponsive, can do all the tricks, and plays smoothly… I’m thinking about getting dark magic… any other suggestions of what I should buy??? or is dark magic a good choice??? ;D

It really depends on how much you want to spend. So what price range?

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Or a protostar they are great and are said to play like a $100 metal and have a center track bearing.
The new breed would be a good choice as well it is the same size as the dm but lighter I belive.

If you can buy a DM then i wouldnt get a legacy i would definitly go with the DM. but I think that in terms of play the ProtoStar is much better. it is also 5 dollars cheaper. the only reason I would get a DM over a ProtoStar is so I can thumb grind but other than the ProtoStar is definitly the best choice

NOOOOOOO, dont get protostar (Im not saying its not good)its just that you will like the DM better than the protostar. the DM’s got some metal and it plays smoothly

Go with the Protostar. Much much better yo-yo in my preference! The DM binds way to tight but the protostar is nice and loose but not too loose.

Get a protostar they are awsome and although they are plastic they will give you the better play and they have metal waight rings so tha it sleeps longer and a center track bearing which is lime yoyofactorys version of a a KK.

ive played with both and as was siad before protostar has a very big gap width and binds nicley. also has a long sleep time and does regular grinds much better than the DM in my opinion

Simply put…

Dark Magic=poop
Protostar= best yoyo for the price…ever

Lets all be honest here, even the haters, the protostar is best value for money and best in it’s price range.

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DOES NOT = “poop”

I have both a Protostar and a Dark Magic, and they both are phenomenal players. The Protostar is smoother and wider, the Dark Magic is adjustable, and can grind well. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

Wow DM is not that bad GOODNESS. Anywho what about Legacy. That is my personal favorite. GO LEGACY. and DM = Good Legacy = AMAZING.