protostar,dark magic, or new breed

My friend is coming into advanced and he cant pick what yoyo.


Okay. What yo-yo is your friend using? Why does he want a new one? Does he have any preferences? Why isn’t he posting this? :wink: Does he know how to bind?

If we can get these answered than it will be much much easier to help.

IDK what he likes, but my dark magic has been treating me just fine. It takes anything that I’ve seen easily, and is also easy to learn on, IMO. However, I have not tried out either if the others, so I must suggest you get several other opinions, but the DM does NOT dissapoint. I may like to add that people rave about the protostar as the best plastic they’ve ever played. You Actually don’t hear much about the new breed, but I have no doubt it is of great quality.

GET PROTOSTAR!!! I know of pro players who have some awesome yoyos (like superstar, 5150, and much more) and like protostar more than what they have. A 35$ yoyo that should be a 80$ yoyo.

People always say this. I don’t really know why. Would people still call the protostar amazing if it was $80 or anything more expensive. Or would it just be another average yoyo. The price is what makes it amazing.

Thanks Matt. (<-- Assuming that’s your name)
While the protostar is a good yoyo, it all comes down to preference.
I like the dark Magic for my play style because I integrate lots of grinds and what not, and the all plastic protostar doesn’t lend itself to that.

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any yoyo you buy these days. It does all come down to preference and play style though.