thinking about a ew yoyo

hi’ i’m thinking about getting me a new unresponsive yoyo (never had an unresponsive one before).
i have the metal drifter an a YYJ kickside and i’m looking for an upgrade.
the thing is i dont know which one. i mean i dont want to go crazy with the prices, because i doubt if i could tell the difference between the really expensive ones (200-300$) and the less expensive ones.
so my question was am i right? i have no intentions of becoming a pro, will the dark magic (for example) take me all the way?

Dark magic is a good choice because it has a bearing for responsive play, and one for unresponsive play. I recommend either that or a protostar.

Clean the bearing on the drifter or the kickside and they will be unresponsive. 98% of the response is in the bearing condition - how heavily is it lubed. Light or no lube - unresponsive, lubed - responsive.

That said - yes, go buy a new yoyo. A $40-$50 YYJ is a great choice.

The Dark Magic is an excellent choice. It’s a great inexpensive throw. If you want something all metal a YYF 888 is another good choice. Don’t be fooled into thinking though that a higher $ yo-yo means you will yo-yo better. :slight_smile:

thanks. so you’re saying the dark magic is good enough?because its getting expensive (the 888 costs double).

yeah, i know, so if youre saying that the dark magic is good enough for all the string tricks, that’s fine by me :slight_smile:

You should take a look at the Di Base :slight_smile:

i would recommend northstar, protostar or dv888

yeah I would recommend either one of the “stars” or the dark magic 2. I am however a little more partial to the dm2 because it can grind fairly well whereas the protostar and northstar can’t grind at all (except inner ring grinds).

The Dark Magic will take you far but I wouldn’t say, “all the way”. I say this because once you get into longer tricks like ladder escape, or very long tricks that you make up yourself it tends to slow down and not spin long enough for you. I think this is because of the thin, plastic gap creating too much friction for it to continue spinning. But for 20$ more than the Dark Magic I highly recommend the OneDrop Cafe Racer. It is a small, cheap throw that is very stable. It is stable because of its huge rims and feeling heavy on the string. Another plus to this is that it does come with the OneDrop 10-Ball ( AKA The best bearing ever) equipped in it. It does not have the side effect axle system to save on costs because it is considered a budget metal throw. But I really never change side effects because all of onedrops yoyos seem a good weight. The cafe racer being included in those. The Dark Magic is still good because once you get very good you can do tricks so precisely, the string won’t hit the wall of the yoyo and it will be able to perform your long tricks. But I would still recommend the CafeRacer because it is a great throw!

Definitely go with the Dark Magic 2 cuz it comes with the responsive and unresponsive bearing so you can learn to bind on the responsive one. cuz binding a responsive yoyo is a litle easier. then you can move on to the unresponsive one and just put the finishing touches on your bind. then you will be ready for unresponsive play!

i have already learned the bindind, so if i’ll take the DM2, it will be for it’s unresponsiveness

Actually, the Cafe Racer comes with the OneDrop value bearing but it is just as smooth. To the OP the DM2 is a good choice you should be happy with it and don’t forget make sure you have string.

Thank you I forgot about that when I wrote it