A Note On Duncan Mosquitos.

There has been some disscusion about this in the past, so I thought I’d explain it plain and simple.

The 1st version Duncan Mosquitos featured friction stickers placed on top of light starbursts. This caused a VERY responsive yoyo, almost hard to play with. This version also had small plastic wells underneath the caps, allowing weights to be easily added. The bearings also came with a large amount of factory lube, but Duncan is currently shipping all yoyos with very small amouts, hardly any.

Now, the 2nd gen.
This current version has NO starbusts, and instead a small sticker cavity with a sticker lip, very similar to that on the FHZ. These Mosquitos have no weight wells, as well as the new minimal lubed bearing.
This is version currently available here at YYE.

Now, I think the elimination of starbursts and the addition of the cavity and lip are huge improvements, but Duncan needs to add the weight wells back in. It makes the addition of weight so much easier than glueing weight in or adding o-rings.

What are your thoughts on this?

~Jump ;D

My thoughts are that they should discontinue the Mosquito and only sell Squirrels.
Same price, ten times the yoyo.

I don’t think Duncan honestly cares about the Misquito. They just corrected what was necessary, and moved on. It’s history. Duncan seems to be focused on the Flying Eagle (something like that) series. They most probably will not run it again. It’s a cheap yo-yo, affordable and available to retail stores because of it. I bet if it costed 10$ or up, Wal-mart would no longer stock it, because honestly, yo-yos aren’t a giant market.

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I love Mosquitos to death, they are seriously my all time favorite yoyo. I have one stock one, and I belive 4 or 5 modded ones. If they discontinued it, I’d be very sad.

It was my 1st yoyo, I learned the beginner section on it. My mom just brought it home for no reasone once, and that’s how I got into all this. So I have a sort of attachment to mine as well. I always keep one around. Not to mention they’re easy to obtain. You can find them at big retail stores like wal-mart…

Squirrels are 5 bucks, Where are you buying them from?

Misquitos are 8 bucks on the site. A squirrel is 11 bucks. 3 bucks difference. They do not cost the same, and neither of them are 5 bucks. You guys should really check these things.

Mikers is kind of right, if you are buying a Skeeter, rather invest in a squirrel, unless it be for collection reasons.


He never said he was buying squirrels for $5 here did he? I can get them for $5 new as well. I’m not going to say where because I respect Andre. Also if Duncan didn’t care about the mosquito then why did they change them? That meant about $1000 in product development and mold making. If you didn’t care would you spend that kind of money on it? I didn’t think so. You need to check your sources as well.

The Duncan Misquito, I do not think will have another round. I think duncan sought out the most evident problems in it and corrected it and they are now moving on. Also, the misquito sales would make up for the losses of new molds, etc.

I wish I could get a squirrel for 5 bucks…

I just don’t see how removing the weight wells is an improvment. Do you guys think it is?

~Jump ;D

I’ll tell you what Kings, do you think that the imperial is worth continuing to make? What about the butterfly? They are more than inferior than the mosquito. There are no plans of dropping the mosquito line.

No, you misunderstand what I am saying, probably through the way I put my answer. I meant I think that duncan will no longer bother with Altering the misquito, not discontinue it.

Same with the Imperial. No changes, but will still be sold.

That is what I meant.

Well my source for the Mosquito being 5 bucks is me physically seeing it in person at a store (Not tellin, I like Andre too much). And I never said Squirrels are 5 bucks, I simply asked if/where he was getting them for 5 bucks…

p.s. I’m about to pm you about that icthus

pfffft. It’s no secret, Wal-mart stocks skeeters for around that, I think, but not entirely sure. I’m sure that won’t run Andre’s site broke.

Turns out that Duncan seems to overprice their yoyos…
Compared to other stores, anyways.

sorry, I’ll make sure to be less courteous and not follow the rules of the site next time.

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Is it really a rule not to recommend a retailer?

If my understanding is correct then yes. If yye carries a product you aren’t supposed to link to it on another site or anything like that.

p.s. I wish sarcasm translated better over text. I just read my last post and it seemed really mean.
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